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Evidence-based practice versus Practice-based evidence

| Naturo Medicine | No Comments

Scientists Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake discuss how evidence based medicine is holding back the liberation of medicine and techniques that really work in practice. There is a huge requirement…

Presence practitioner spiels on cacao- which is not a superfood

| Educate | No Comments

Jeremy Safron founder of Dragon yoga school in Hawaii talks with raw food John from http://www.okraw.com.  Jeremy Safron who is credited with introducing raw cacao to the raw foods movement shows…

Naturopathic Diet

| Naturo Lifestyle | No Comments

  The Naturopathic Anti-Inflammatory Diet Below are examples of a diet that encourage all of the bodies systems to function at their optimum. It’s a balanced diet that has been…

5G UNCOVERED with neurosurgeon Dr Jack Kruze

| Professional | No Comments

Neurosurgeon Dr Jack Kruze has been way ahead of his time with his grasp on the effects of blue light on mitochondrial function. This podcast is an essential watch for…

Natural treatment for constipation

| Educate | No Comments

Nearly everything that you go to a conventional doctor for, you can treat naturally with a Naturopath. There’s always room for integration of natural medicine with conventional medicine but we…

Cacao the real deal or more new-age garble?

| Blog | No Comments

Cacao nibs have been inadvertently labelled as a super-food, even though it contains a neurotoxin that will kill your dog in a mere 200mg dose. In fact chocolate (a derivative of cacao) is used as…

‘Era healing’ for next level living. DO IT

| Blog | No Comments

The Real Naturo definition of medicine is “something that develops your innate power in order to be free”. Free to have good physical, mental and emotional health. We need to see beyond…

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