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10 steps to conscious happy living

By 30th June 2017Blog

Consciousness is the lyric on the lip these days. It tastes sweet because everything is already consciousness. Part of us remembers this. We are just a little blinded through layers of illusion.

There are as many beings who want to control you, as there are who want to free you. Your clarity of mind and connection with spirit determines which side feeds your outlook. As things advance and transform quicker than we have known before, conscious development too, is flying. For some.

What may have taken someone 12 years in a spiritual community to “get” in the 70’s, you can “get” in a weekend workshop today.

We have raped the planet and the people for decades. We are being required to step up, own and address our crap individually which will reflect the systemic global levels to break cycles. So I’d say it’s a very conducive time for conscious spiritual developments. Hence the new age movement.  But don’t be fooled, most of the new age “be happy all the time” or “buy this workshop and you will transform” is a consciousness trap.

The real work begins when you address and integrate the darkness. We are all made up of the good, the bad and the f’ugly.


Spiritually we are in what Hinduism calls Kali yuga era. A cycle during which there

is as much confusion as there is light. For example there is less crime and violence in the world today than ever before but the publicised terror movement has confused us into a state of constant fear. It seems that time has accelerated as the world tries to re-harmonise to reach a continued positive state, possibly one of non duality, no longer controlled by cause and effect. This is how it feels to me anyhow. But we have a few decades to go.

The good news is everything is working for us once we return to a natural state and remember who we truly are.

Remembering comes about quickest through cleansing the body, doing presence practices and the inner work.


I believe that everything is real both illusion and truth. But only a pure state of being, connection and integration of self can distinguish consciousness and determine truth from illusion – as real.


The name “Real” Naturo came because we need to see both the illusion and the truth and recognise that both can be perceived as real.

Everything is perception, perception is personally interpreted from the limits of understanding, until the mind become quietened and life is observed instead of intellectualised.

This is where belief ceases and knowing is found.

Here’s a few recommendations to clear out the illusions, a prerequisite for reconnection to conscious HAPPY living.

  1. Turn off the Tv for a while. Widen your mental mind with documentaries and world movies.
  2. Stop buying from the supermarket (including whole foods) buy from local farms or grow your own to avoid GMO and mind altering chemicals.
  3. Make time for a presence practice every day.
  4. Delete would, should and could from your vocabulary. They take you out of the present moment and limit your energetic state.
  5. Ask yourself “what may someone who comes for a place of love do” before every decision.
  6. Become mindful, to become mindless- state of nothingness which is meditation; check out mindfulness eating articles in the search menu.
  7. Work out what your needs are so you can meet you needs and then eventually let go of your needs. You can not skip the “understanding your needs” step, you will end up going around in circles feeding the illusion and giving in to desires. Desires being junk food, impulsive spending or crack!  Not meeting your needs will leave you perpetually stuck and confused. Facilitation is always good at this step. Check out Naturo-therapy.
  8. Have an attitude of gratitude. Write down three things that you are grateful for everyday and write why for more POW.
  9. Shut up your chattering mind with the mantra ‘love, compassion and kindness’. Repeat these word over and over in your head. One day it may stick.
  10. Make time for creativity and play every single day. Dance, play a sport, sing, paint, do it. Creativity feeds reality with joy and takes us from surviving to thriving, When done consciously- aka without drugs. But if you need drugs to fuel this to begin with, be ok with that and know that as long as you keep working on your health one day you wont need that drug.

Warning: taking action to do the above measures is courageous. You will meet and wrestle your ego until you reach a state of peace where there is non judgement. Your presence will challenge others as you will shine a light on their shadows too.

We are all mirrors of each other, highlighting what needs to change in order for consciousness to expand.

The complexity of life comes from ignoring how simple it really is.

So others will challenge you to keep your awareness on point. Learn to allow it, learn from it and do it anyway. Don’t become a narcissistic new ageist. Stay away from attaching to anything as special or yours. You are not important, you are as significant and as insignificant to the whole -always.   As Mooji says ‘nothing, nothing nothing :)’.


Most importantly use nature as your guide. Gain clarity of what is real by cleansing the mind body and SPIRIT the juiciest part of all. Where we are limitless! Use presence practices to become more resilient, more connected to self and ultimately to source.

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