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SASS HEALTH Community projects

SASS Health is a nine week lifestyle program run by Real Naturo health professionals.

Our health experts help you to boost health by improving mood, focus and energy!

The internet is full of confusing and contradictory health information. We bring you what really works straight from our nutritionists and naturopaths, the real experts in health.

We only use practice-based evidence. This is evidence that our naturopathic clinicians have used over hundreds of years in practice. We bring you proven strategies for health that really work. So you can safely and naturally reclaim your health.

Develop personal tools and learn how to take your power back in terms of health and happiness.

We’re getting real here and so we need a bit of sass to lighten the load. SASS Health helps us out of the mass of confusing and contradictory ‘health’  information out there.

Just like Doctors are an authority on disease, Naturopaths are an authority on health.

What is SASS Health ?

Community meet up groups run by nutritionists, naturopaths and Naturo health mentors. Meaning of SASS Health ‘Safe, Attainable Simple Strategies for health’

Join us for 1.5 hours a week for 9-weeks, where we teach you tools to:

– Manage the effects of daily stress (2018 studies confirm that stress is the largest trigger for disease)

– Improve mental clarity, focus, memory and concentration.

– Bring emotional balance

You will learn:

  • how to eat right for your unique digestive system
  • how to produce more serotonin and dopamine (happy hormones).
  • how to manage your stress effectively
  • how to balance reproductive hormones naturally
  • how to use creativity for emotional wellness


  • With education on diet and lifestyle.
  • With herbal and nutritional medicine.
  • With presence practices like yoga, breath work and qigong.


What do I get out of this long term?

1. CLARITY. We believe that the quest for happiness begins with clarity! We help you to create clarity with simple steps to remove junk in the diet, transform a poor lifestyle and improve psycho-social factors.

2. ACCEPTANCE. What we can not change, we must accept. This is a big step in our program. Our qualified health practitioners help you to accept things exactly as they are.

3. ABILITY TO SERVE OTHERS being of service to others is the fast track to happiness. We teach many proven techniques to help you process emotions along the way.  Eventually service becomes a way of life whether you are a student, an employee or a self employed entrepreneur.

Experience more of your natural healthy self in just nine weeks with SASS. Contact us as info@realnaturo.com to find a SASS health practitioner in your area here.


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