RN Cleanse Package‘ is a 10-day cleanse, designed by Naturopath Chloé Silverman. Receive daily step by step instructional videos and access to our nutritionists who are cleanse experts. You will feel supported through each step of the cleanse.

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We are excited to bring you a naturopathic health cleanse. Approved for its long term health benefits.

The cleanse consists of 3 days of raw food, 5 days of juicing and 2 day of post cleanse prebiotic feeding. Check out what others have to say about it below and on our facebook page.  Here’s what the cleanse includes::

  1. A Purify pack (includes enema kit, skin brush and clay mix)
  2. Parasite cleanse herbal formula
  3. Step by step professional manual
  4. Daily emails and videos on how to cleanse safety and effectively from cleanse expert and Naturopath Chloé Silverman’s B.H.Sc (Naturopathy).
  5. Access to a private forum of other cleansers with live support from a nutritional therapist
  6. Step by step pre and post cleanse advice for optimal health results
  7. Access to explanational videos by cleanse expert Chloé Silverman’s (B.H.Sc Naturopathy).
  8. An introduction to water fasting and light-living
  9. 10% off health packages and herbal formulas

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