Naturo Pro Juice Cleanse Facilitation Training, JAN 28th, Ibiza


Product Description

How to run a professional naturopathic juice cleanse

Course consists of the following modules:
  1. The Naturo Method principles and regime
  2. Supporting scientific and clinical evidence for diseases states (with case studies)
  3. Medicinal properties of bentonite clay, psyllium husk and enemas
  4. Traditions of fasting, dry and water fasts
  5. Fasting and consciousness; the breatharian way
  6. Analysis of comparative evidence for different types of juice cleansing
  7. How to apply The Naturo Method for community health and wellness



This one day workshop is open to naturopaths, nutritionists, nutritional therapists, master herbalists and real naturo trained health mentors only.



Completion of the RN Juice Cleanse facilitation training makes you an RN representative. Completion of the workshop will allow you to run your own community cleanse or retreat cleanse program using real naturo products and branding. You will also be able to consult our associate team of Naturopaths for ongoing support and continued professional education.

Chloé believes that juice cleansing is the quickest way to health and consciousness. Therefore she is entirely invested in helping you to set up and promote your community juice cleanses program long after this workshop has finished.