RN Cleanse – purify pack



Product Description

Purify pack includes:

Enema kit for home use enemas.

Cuppa clay pack: calcium bentonite, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate.

Skin brush– all natural bristles, wooden back with fabric handle for ease of use.

This pack is best used in combination with a parasite cleanse and a herbal formula. Please consult with a Naturo Pro in your area to know which formula is best for you.

One use per cleanse. This pack can not be used for multiple cleanses. For example if you did the RN Cleanse four times a year (recommended September,January, April, July). You would need to buy one pack per RN cleanse, 4 packs in total. Never reuse or share your enema kit. Watch videos on how to clean your enema kit after each daily use during the one cleanse of which you use it. Do not use clay after cleanse has finished. 

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