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‘The SASS way’ to health is: 

Sensible. Using what is proven to work holistically. 

Awareness. To understand toxins; how they effect your health and how to remove them.

Safety. No guesswork, university degree trained practitioners and medicine that works.

Savvy. Going beyond the limitations of science and holistic fads.

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“With Real Talk I have a new group of supportive friends with the same interests :). I actually use it more than fb. The best thing about it, is it’s private and confidential.”

Ben, PR Manager, Huddersfield

“I am in a wheelchair and I have C5 spinal cord injury, I am no longer taking harmful pain medications that I could not function without, thanks to Real Naturo.”

Drew, Civil Servant, Wales

“My body is more hour glass and I lost a bit of bulge on my stomach. I have been recommending the cleanse to everybody I know. It’s so holistic and  covers every aspect of life.”

Verina, Lawyer, London