3 Months Healing and Prevention Package

One package – 3 exceptional practitioners.

Real Naturo provides practitioners of the highest quality who bring real results that last. Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc (Naturopathy) handpicks the right practitioners based on their expertise and your health goals.

This package is for those who have most likely exhausted time, energy and thousands of pounds on practitioners and are now ready to be guided by expert practitioners who don’t use proven formulas. This package is for those who are fully commited to their health and want to be central to a team approach. It is for those who are ready to put the work in and see lasting change in their health. For a richer sense of happiness in their lives.

The combination of;  Naturo-medicine, Naturo therapy and advanced quantum healing, plus quantum technology means that we are able to target the whole person. This means all biological systems as well as emotional, mental and spiritual energy systems.

Alongside your chosen naturopath and your psychotherapist, Chloé Silverman will also allocate you with a quantum energy healer who will be your health mentor. The health mentor is available throughout the package for weekly support, as well as energy healing sessions.

Our three practitioner team approach helps to address you holistically and creates a strong foundational support for you to implement changes long term.

Naturo-medicine to correct biological imbalances and medically intuit a plan.

Naturo-medicine consultations provide an in-depth analysis of your biological health and emotional wellness. The naturopath will assess your medical history, current health status and bioenergetics (how your body is reacting to your environment). Iridology is used to support these findings. From this information your naturopath will make an analysis and provide a treatment plan to balance accordingly. 

Treatment is in the form of alcohol extracts of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and energetic vibrational medicine.

Although naturopathy is biological medicine, our practitioners work at a cellular energetic level. After all we are working with live natural plants which pass on energetic blueprints alongside chemical components. Our intuitive practitioners are chosen specifically not only for their degree level education but for their ability to tune into plant energetics.

Meditation, breath work and yoga nidra provided in this package help this energy shift to be long lasting. These are accessible via a log in on our private forums.


The naturopath will request blood tests from your GP and often more specific tests form Genova diagnostic, before and after the package to measure your success throughout the package. Our naturopath will take photos of your iris and tongue for you to measure your changes but it’s always nice to see results on paper for example, hormone levels,  nutrient levels and liver enzymes. 

Naturo-Therapy to remove blockages that have been dictating your life.

Naturo therapy quickly identifies unresolved emotions. Your psychotherapist will help you to transform stickiness into creative productivity.

Longstanding physical pain or discomfort often subsides when the underlying blocked emotion is identified, accepted and set free. Naturo therapy can occasionally identify whether the emotions are past or present and the timeframe that they were created, before showing you how to release them in minutes and sometimes seconds, forever.

Once muscle memory is liberated more of your true essence/self is available to you and the rest of the world/Universe.

In this higher vibrational state there is no evidence of the original emotional/physical pain or issue, just a palpable sense of physical lightness, expansion and peace, heightened intuition and more clarity of mind.

Health mentor to implement your new lifestyle with ease

The quantum energy healer is also a health mentor.  They help you to ride through any residual blockages after the naturo therapy session. We have found this combination works really well for people to feel supported and their concerns heard throughout their journey with us.

It is our promise to you that we will only use medicine and tools that are proven to work in clinical practice. We believe tools such as CBT and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) to be short lasting and misleading. The Naturo method works on a much deeper level for long term results.

This package is not for everybody. We give our clients undivided attention and so each month our team can only take on a select few who are ready to take a deep dive into their health for ultimate transformation. Chloé is happy to chat with you today to see if this plan is for you.

Discuss your plan today by requesting a call back