get clarity on Safe cleansing

With help from a naturopath specialising in detoxification

Parasite cleanses, juicing, clay shakes!! Does your head hurt? From searching every cleansing forum and Facebook group! You’re likely overwhelmed in a sea of conflicting information.

There are so many different types of cleanses and so much information. How on earth are you meant to know what is correct, safe and effective? 

What if something goes wrong? Let’s be real. Your family already think your’e pretty nuts with all of this health talk. What would they say if you hurt yourself with the wrong advice?

Lets bring clarity to cleansing

Imagine being able to easily navigate the confusing cleanse supplements and jargon. How would it feel to have experts at the tip of your fingers with answers. All of the conflicting advice  simplified, leaving you feeling supported with holistic tools. Such as meal plans, juice recipes and products to make your home a retreat now and in the future.

Realise how safe you will feel having a searchable forum. Filled with naturopath guidance and hundreds of peoples personal journey to relate to. You are not longer the outsider doing this on your own. You meet your tribe. Moreover you have priority appointments with a nutritionist if you want to gift yourself with a bespoke health journey.

You come out the other side feeling and looking absolute fabulous. With glowing skin. A new enthusiasm for life. A shift in weight and an energy that you have never felt before.  You’re connection with life and your surroundings become more vibrant. Your friends and family compliment how great you look and ask you “what is your secret?” 


I didn’t know that I could feel this good! My back pain has gone my sinusitis has cleared. 

Anne, Nurse Practitioner, Sussex 

I just want to bottle this feeling up and share it. Everyone should feel the beneficial effects of cleansing. I’m excited for the next one. 

Claire, Digital creative director, Ibiza

I feel more powerful, my skin has changed, my boundaries have changed. This cleanse has positively effected every part of my life.

Liz, therapist, Wiltshire

What to expect working with me:

More quality time with loved ones because nothing is holding you back from living life to the fullest.

Doors of opportunity effortlessly swinging open from your natural energy and presence, that you have cultivated with powerful cleansing tools.

Your life has more colour. You enjoy spontaneous adventures that you magnetised, by creating flow state. 

“Hi! I’m Chloe I’ve helped hundreds of people experience extraordinary heights of energy, focus and creativity. Lets talk” Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc (Naturopathy)

You’re on the verge of making the best decision of your life. That is – to be supported by an expert in cleansing and detoxification, who has been where you are. 

In 2003 my health journey was transformed with cleansing on a retreat at age 21 with absolutely no support or guidance. It was unsafe and unsupported. I made it my mission then and there to stop others from suffering like I did.  

I have visited over 100 medical spas. I have done a Bachelor Degree in Health Science, to train as a naturopath. I have run a clinical practice for over 10 years in London and Ibiza. Helping 1000’s of people. Join me today to start your health journey with fresh eyes, a supportive system and other hearty cleansers to do it with.

Cleansing doesn’t have to be so hard. I bring a lightness a sense of fun to this conscious expanding process. Looking forward to speaking with you on real talk forum.

Much love

Chloe ‘The Sass Naturopath’