100% Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg



Jade has been used for thousands of years to help women activate their Yonis. Some benefits of using Jade are:

– Emotional balance and stability
– Revitalising energy and speeds up healing
– Stone of health and abundance (good luck charm)
– Heals and opens the Heart Chakra (also helps in dysfunctional relationships and issues around love)
– Instills sense of calm, wellbeing and confidence
– Protects against illness and psychic protection
– Energetic clearing and transmutes negative energy
– Helps with kidney function (Nephrite literally means Kidney in Greek)
– Supportive of new love, and increases trustworthiness and fidelity.

Some of the Jade eggs may be slightly lighter or darker green than in the photographs. This variety adds a beautiful uniqueness to the egg. No egg is “perfect” as it is a raw, natural material from Mother Earth. Naturally, they will have minor imperfections.


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