RN-Cleanse Pack


This is the all inclusive RN Cleanse Package. Complete with Purify pack, parasite cleanse, and access to instructional videos by naturopath and cleansing expert Chloé Silverman.


We are excited to bring you a naturopathic health cleanse, approved by naturopathic doctors for its long term health benefits. Check out what others have to say about the cleanse here or on our facebook page.

This is the all inclusive ‘RN Cleanse’ Package. Complete with Purify pack, parasite cleanse, forum access to a step by step instructional videos by naturopath and cleansing expert Chloé Silverman.

  • Enema kit for home use enemas
  • Herbal Formula – Parasite cleanse
  • Cuppa clay pack: calcium bentonite, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate
  • Morning husk – plantago (psyllium)
  • Skin brush- all natural bristles, wooden back with fabric handle for ease of use
  • Measuring tape and measurement form
  • Schedule for the fridge
  • Shopping list and juicing tables
  • Mini sprouting kit with fertiliser
  • Happy fridge magnets and laptop stickers 🙂

Buying this package also gives you:

  • Access to a forum with over 30 how to videos, that guide you through a safe and holistic cleanse. Including ingredient list and instructions for 5 days of juicing
  • Access to a community of other cleansers. We run 2 group cleanses a month, highly advisable that you join a group. It’s more fun!
  • Pre and post cleanse advice
  • How to cleanse effectively and safely
  • Benefits and cautions with using a home enema kit
  • Access to professional support from our naturopaths and nutritional therapists online
  • Access to wellness expert Chloé Silverman’s (B.H.Sc Naturopathy) video tips and articles. Including an introduction to water fasting and light-living
  • 10% off health package appointments with one of our naturo-medicine practitioners.


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