Rose Quartz Yoni Egg


Rose Quartz is the Love Stone.  One of the most important stones for our heart. This stone opens the heart to unconditional love; love of self, love of family, love of friends and romantic love.

Benefits of Rose:
+ Self Love
+ Opens the heart chakra
+ Forgiveness
+ Creates intimacy
+ Nourishment

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Physical Health Benfits: Circulation, skin issues, headaches, fertility & female reproductive organs.

Chakra: Heart

Size: Medium 30mm x 40mm. A medium size yoni egg is the perfect size for beginners.

Benefits of using a Yoni Egg:
+ tightens the walls of your yoni
+ strengthens your pelvic floor muscles
+ supports the urinary and digestive organs
+ contributes to better bowel movements
+ clears blockages
+ improves blood flow in your genitals
+ moistens your vagina
+ balances your hormones
+ awakens your deeper sensitivity and ultimately enhances your feeling of pleasure so that you are able to experience stronger orgasms
+ it is made from the earth! No hidden nasties like plastic + bleach! Each stone is unique in appearance as is every yoni, so there will always be a slight colour variation in each stone.


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