Thrive in life and in the bedroom. Learn to love yourself to embody your multidimensional abilities.  Heal yourself, your ancestry and the planet.


Chloé “The Sass” Silverman created Sassi Health in 2018. It has evolved into a half day workshop and a 5-week sensuality course.

Welcome to a secret area of Real Naturo; strictly for vajay-yays!

This online workshop is an intensive half day of learning.

Why you need to ‘Get Sassi’

Learn how to use erotic dance to unlock real sensuality, understand why your sexuality is key for health and planetary healing. Experience how to go from ordinary to orgasmic (without becoming a tantric twit. I did that so I can prevent you from doing it!)

We explore the female psyche a little bit but we don’t get caught up in philosophy and psychology. THIS IS EMBODIMENT YO!!! I slam jungian archetypes and also why these are no longer useful. I smash apart NLP, CBT and many other short term techniques. To fill you with long term solutions.

We discuss how to create hormonal balance through nothing other than nurturing all parts of self with naturo medicine, naturo techniques and a whole lot of playful sass.

We delve into why women are not equal but different from men. How to harness the true ‘power of the pussy’ by cultivating and directing sexual energy in a healthy way.

This may well be the anti-dote to the neo-feminist social justice movement ;).

Explore and own your sensuality in this half day workshop and learn:

  • a sensual, playful erotic dance routine to reduce stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and increase libido.
  • herbal medicines that regulate female hormones for a healthy cycle, increased libido, improve fertility and protect form EMFs.
  • psychotherapy tools to awaken sensuality and transform stuck energies in the uterus and womb area into creative and productive flow. We speak with Angharad Owen, Transformational coach “Queen of the Breath”.
  • a tantric buddhist meditation for increased sexual power.
  • vajayjay jade egg techniques will be discussed but not practiced.

2021 dates released soon, enquire for interest.

Time to step up divine feminine cuntis


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