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Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc (Naturopathy)


With over 15 years in clinical practice, Chloé’s clients range from elite rock bands, royalty to refugees. 

Helping 1000’s of clients, over 10 years of clinical experience over 3 continents.  Chloé has emerged as a renowned international natural medicine practitioner.


‘Naturo Medicine,’ imparts wisdom across the UK, through the hands of compassionate practitioners available to speak to online through The Naturo Method. 

“A milestone moment was in 2017 when ‘medicine sans frontier’ asked to use Naturo medicine product line. This kind of naturopath-doctor integration is what I work towards. “


 Chloé is actively involved in emergency care and regularly attends refugee missionaries around the world.  Here she provides hands on emergency medicine using Naturo medicine and practical healing.


Practitioner to Elite Musicians on tour

After 10 years of working in the UK’s NHS (National Healthcare System). Chloe moved to Melbourne to complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). Upon graduation she began touring with international artists as their personal health advisor.

“Thank you for bringing me back to life” Tour Manager of Guns and Roses, 2009

“Every band needs a Chloé on tour” Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars, 2010

Testimonials from Clinical Practices

 ‘My insomnia was alleviated in one treatment and symptoms of my multiple sclerosis are under control with herbal medicine’

-Simon, Cambridge Patient Nuffiield Health, UK 

‘Before I met Chloe I was completely debilitated, unable to do the most simple tasks. Chloe has helped me to regain energy and get back in touch with my creative side. Something that I didn’t even realize I had forgotten.’

-Entrepreneur, Sydney

‘Chloe personally helped me, where doctors and specialists failed. I owe my health to Naturopathic medicine and Chloe’s no nonsense approach’  

-Rachel, PR company, Melbourne

“Chloe is the height of excellence. She is incredibly knowledgeable and gives her time to patients generously. It was a pleasure working alongside her.”

-Dr Karla, Cambridge

‘This is a profound service of top grade professional advice with unbelievable results. I have tried every diet going. In a simple manner, Chloe explained a mixture of complex things about my hormones that I have read about in books and never really understood. She is an absolute wealth of information. Where has this medical system been hiding for all of these years!!’

-Janine, London 

‘I was amazed that after just four days of treatment I had a proper sleep for the first time in three years. My sweating ceased and my anxiety was halved. I wish the National Health Service employed Naturopaths! Incredibly grateful for this service’

-Andrew, Lawyer, Cambridge

‘Naturopathic consultations have completely changed my life. Chloe is a miracle worker!!!’ Thank you!’

-Dean, Recruitment manager, London

‘Chloe has the best job in the world. She gets to make people smile everyday for doing something she is desirably passionate about. If you need to get motivated about your health, I think this is your lady’

-Juan, Professor, Cambridge, UK


Corporate Healthcare

In 2013 Chloé joined the Cambridge Nuffield Health group, as a Nutritional therapist. Running a health clinic and delivering talks to big organisations such as The National Rail.

Today she runs corporate health one-on-one consultations as well as webinars via zoom calls and online. For onsite talks please contact [email protected]

‘Chloe’s energetic persona motivated the team. With so much knowledge I’m certain that her results will be long lasting, she’s an attribute to the medical profession’

-Andrew, Business Consultant, Cambridge UK

‘Chloe is the height of excellence, she gives her time generously and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.’

-Dr Karla, Nuffield Hospital group, Cambridge

‘Chloé’s easy to follow seminar on food and mood was invaluable and fun, her blunt approach had us in stitches. We look forward to the next one’

-Chantelle, National Rail, UK

‘I highly recommend Chloe’s workshops to any to any team wanting to operate at a high standard by implementing small changes. She helped us to understand how important diet is and how eating correctly can make a positive impact on performance in the workplace.’

– Recruitment company,’ Sydney, AUS

‘Chloe has completely changed my life, not only did she help identify my autoimmune disease by referring me to a neurologist after my Doctor failed to discover my condition, but she created a treatment plan. My condition is under control and as a result I am more productive and just generally feel more alive’

– Recruitment Specialist, Sydney, Australia


Radio: Chloe regularly talks on BBC radio as well as other national and international radio stations

Magazines: Published articles include Women’s Health Magazine, OM Yoga magazine, Essential Ibiza online magazine

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