Being everything to everyone can leave you tired!  Trapped in a never-ending tidal wave longing for more time! 

Either family remains a distant dream, or passion in your relationship has dwindled due to insufficient energy devoted to nurturing the bond and caring for your own well-being.

Despite knowing what’s best, you often skip yoga for a glass of wine. Indulgence wins over self-care, leaving you anxious and at risk of burnout or worse, medical consequences. All the while pressure from loved ones adds to the burden. 

Stop burnout in its track with tools to harness abundant energy

Imagine abundant energy fuelling every aspect of life. Fostering career growth and deepening relationships! Envision passionate love, that supports you to achieve your aspirations.

Envision the tranquility of empowerment, effortlessly balancing business and leisure, surrounded by a supportive community of women.

Radiate vitality, with renewed zest for life and a vibrant glow. Friends and family will marvel at your transformation, eager to know your secret.


Sassi practices have become my staple. I used to cycle between burning out and numbing out. Those days are well and truly behind me thanks to Chloe and her incredible work. 

Jacqueline, Entrepreneur, Mum, Superwoman, USA 

 I fell pregnant immediately after Sassi retreat. After years of IVF.  What else is there to say!

Charlotte, CEO, Ibiza

Sassi Space has given more ease to life. It helped to release years of hidden hurt and sadness, which was unexpected. Initially, the practice was awkward but as I shed inhibitions I learnt to embrace ‘letting go’ fully. The transformation has been profound; the benefits are obvious through my work,  family life and my body shape change. My breast are more full. I thought I was in my power before but Sassi has helped me truly be more powerful. 

Sophie, Entrepreneur, London

What doors will open after The Retreat:

Picture waking up feeling energised and refreshed, ready to seize the day with enthusiasm.

Your relationships flourish as with Sassi practices you quite literally have more time. 

With ongoing support you can savour each moment, finding joy in simple pleasures and meaningful experiences.

Not your customary
"Goddess retreat"

Rest assured that you will not find yourself amidst a dusty cushion massaging your breasts chanting OMM. Or forced to share your deepest secrets to strangers. 

This is not a feminine show of how soft and self serving you are. Or a competition of how hard you burnt out. 

It’s a dive into the unconscious parts of the psyche through erotic movement and the breath. Transforming that which is unmet into powerful energy, focus and creativity. 

Your Luxury 5 night Retreat

Relax in the elegance and beauty of the Spanish countryside,. Enjoy divine organic food and revitalise by the pool.

Be entertained in the evening with local percussion music after dinner. 

This is a retreat of indulgence for all of the senses. Enjoy rich tasty health food and be serenaded with music in the evening. 

The expert practitioners

Tap into your natural energy source with ‘Sassi Space’. A fusion of erotic movement & breath-work. This is your secret weapon to never burning out again. With internationally renowned naturopath Chloe Silverman. Who has helped hundreds of people experience extraordinary heights of energy, focus and creativity. Embark with Chloe to show up more powerfully in the world with a secret sensual self care practice. 

Feel fantastic and look great with Power Yoga, build your inner & outer strength with exceptional classes from yogini Suzy Cooper. Dive out of the mind and into the body, encouraging connection with self at a deep level through powerful body flows, traditional asanas and moving meditations. Suzy uses music to draw inspiration and transport to connect to your inner self. The practice is also fun and invigorating. For seasoned yogis and beginners. 

Ignite your self-care practice with sacred Taoist sexual practices. Enjoy an exclusive audience with guest practitioner Jade Lotus. You will never do a boring kegal exercise again after this! Practices optional.Over two days Jade will safely guide you through an ancient yoni egg practice used by the royals during the Chinese Dynasty. Here you will learn tools to destress, to enhance sexual experiences and to revitalise at a soul level. Trained by Taoist Mantak Chia himself, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Delving into a Sassi retreat you will have an abundance practice for life and the unwavering support of a society of empowered women. With shared dedication to their creative power and purposeful impact in the world. Stepping onto co-creative leadership through motherhood and community. Or business by catalysing new holistic ways in the world.

Lets talk” 

Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc (Naturopathy)