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Real Naturo is the home for community health education and natural medicine that works. Check out our community and mission page for more details. Our Naturopaths and health mentors run packages online and community workshops globally.

What is a Naturopath?

Pronounced ‘nat-ur-o-path’. Literally means “Nature practitioner”.

A Naturopath is coined the GP of natural medicine. This is because we see people with all different acute and chronic disease states. Where we differ from conventional doctors and health professionals is our person-centred approach (instead of disease-centred) and our safe natural treatment.

Real Naturo naturopaths have had a minimum of 5 years of training at university level or at medical school.

Our Naturopaths practice the Naturo Method. A holistic method of Naturopathy developed by Chloé Silverman. Chloé helps practitioners to get long term results through ongoing training in forward thinking holistic medicine and consciousness tools.

This is natural medicine at it’s best, rooted in traditional wisdom and supported by scientific findings.  Although this may seem like a new system of medicine, we’ve been around for ever… literally.

Today, we are being recognised as lifestyle or functional medicine practitioners. Truth is, our practitioners are so much more.

How we practice

Online our practitioners are available to listen to your health complaints, no matter where you are in the world. Complete the booking form and a Naturopath who specialises in your complaints, will be allocated to your package.  All packages other than the Health M.O.T also include sessions with a Nutritional therapist/health mentor.Go to package options

In local Communities we run meet up groups and health eduction workshops around the world. Sign up for free and go to directory to find your local group.

How do we treat disease?

Through finding the root cause

How to find the root cause?

  1. A thorough analysis through diagnostic tools (see below) and naturopathic analysis
  2. Investigating medical history and familial genetic predispositions
  3. Intuitive investigation and reading the energy bodies

With what diagnostic tools?

Iridology, hair analysis and tongue diagnosis are regular observational tools our Naturopaths use. To support our analysis only, as we don’t diagnose disease in the conventional way. It’s not necessary when treating the body as a whole, although sometimes we may refer you for tests from your normal doctor.

After your consultation you will receive an email with individualised diet and lifestyle advice.  Nutritional and herbal medicine will be sent to you from one of our nearby naturopathic dispensaries.

We advocate treatment that has sound clinical evidence

Real Naturo medicines are safe and effective. Our treatments won’t cause you long term side effects like many conventional medicines.

At the heart of Real Naturo is medicine and tools for health that really work.

What to expect in a Naturopathy consultation?

Before your appointment, your Naturopath will email you for photos of your iris, tongue and any recent blood, stool or urine test results if you have any.

The initial consultation goes for 1 hour and 15 minutes. During the initial consultation the naturopath will ask many questions about your present health status and medical history. The naturopath will make a naturopathic analysis of your health taking into account your familial predispositions, epi-genetics and physical presentations. Think of the Naturopath like a detective of the body. The more information she or he can gain the more effective the treatment will be.

The Naturopathic analysis and treatment:

  • finds the cause of ill health and removes the triggers.
  • offers support and health education
  • gives you tools to take control of your health for life

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Health Packages

Holistic healthcare for real results

Learn more about the Naturo Method here.

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