Era is developed by Lesley Parry.

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ERA ‘Emotions Released Ad-Infinitum (forever)’ is a therapy that has evolved over a 30 year period and matured about 15 years ago into its current state. After a session, a new ERA of life begins free of the painful feelings and reactions that have been dictating your life experience.

ERA will identify blocked emotions (conscious and unconscious) that have never been resolved. It will let you know where they are held in your body often correlating with longstanding physical pain or discomfort which is released when the blocked emotion is released. ERA can also identify whether the emotions are past or present and the timeframe they were created before showing you how to release them in minutes and sometimes seconds, forever. Once liberated from the emotion more of your true essence/self is available to you and the rest of the world/Universe. In this higher vibrational state there is no evidence of the original emotional/physical pain or issue, just a palpable sense of physical lightness, expansion and peace, heightened intuition and more clarity of mind.

As the Law of Attraction is more to do with vibrational states it is a natural consequence that the recipient of an ERA session begins attracting different people and places or situations into their life whilst old patterns/situations naturally and easily fall away.


“Lesley came highly recommend as I have been struggling with the same destructive patterns pretty much since childhood such as my bad relationship to food, overwhelming guilt when my mum passed away that kept me from moving forward no matter what, until I met this amazing soul Lesley who changed my life and helped me break these chains from my emotional body with a very simple but effective technique that I can now apply any time I feel myself falling back into this familiar pattern of destruction. The fascinating thing about this is that I never mentioned to her what I wanted to work on but asked her to see what she felt was blocking me and she mentioned the above within minutes from when the call started and could even tell me that I inherited certain strong emotions from my family and ancestors. 

I know there are people that don’t believe in past life’s, but for this to work you do not need to share the same beliefs! 
The session was done over Skype and lasted approx 1hour. I really had no idea what to expect, but never thought I will experience this sense of peace and clarity from the first blockage that got removed! Lesley called it: “your truth” as in this is who I am and how it feels to be in my truth without all the extra baggage I carried all these years from when I was born! I truly feel I have been reborn again and I can now finally start living without creating excuses as to why I have not achieved my goal weight or held back due to fear of the unknown! 
Something I recommend everyone to do! It is just a one off session to be the best you can be!”
Alexandra Schawilje (Director of Ibiza Consulting agency)

“For years I somehow felt that my naturopathic practice lacked something energetic that can assist long term change.  I have been exploring what it was for years. I found that yoga nidra, tantra breathwork and bio-resonance machines provide short term relief and assist neural rewiring for new belief patterns to be regenerated but they’re just not enough. Especially for those patients with generations of pain and genetic predispositions. Also for those repeating ingrained karmic behavioural patterns or genetic mental health issues. There needs to be a more wholistic approach.

Lesley’s self developed technique of Era healing breaks cycles of behaviour and the emotional pain connection immediately.  I can only describe this -as quick, effective and deeply healing.  It’s changed the lives of many of my patients and helped their naturopathic treatment to be even more effective.

Having experienced the magnitude of this healing first hand with patients and on myself, I can’t not offer this to patients and as part of the Naturo method.”

Chloé Silverman (founder of RN)