Fresh clears skin, calm gut & clarity of mind. This is the number 1 formula for bloating. Fresh is a feel good, look good, herbal formula. Combining herbs from our skin elixir, gut formula and hormone balancer.

Ingredients: Fennel, rosemary, burdock, dandelion, chicory, spearmint, gentian plus Ibiza freedom essences

Our Naturopaths use this exact formula on Naturo retreats as it covers an array of health complaints, as well as calming benefits that nourish the soul.

Uses: eliminate bloating, illuminate and clear skin, clear and focused mind and energetic cleansing of radiation. 

How Fresh works?

Fresh cleanses the lymphatic system. Most of which lays in the digestive system and some in the brain. the is the lymphatic system.   

Oxidative stress impacts the the bodies ability to remove waste via the lymphatic system. This can look like digestive disturbance, hormone imbalance and emotional issues. Oxidative stress is in the form of the thousands of toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Or emotional, electrical and spiritual stress. Our clinicians help you to correct all the above and protect biological processes with Fresh herbal formula. 

Created in 2013, Adapted for harsher artificial frequencies in 2020. This formula combats and compliments the effects of an ever changing world.  

Freshen up!

The lymphatic system is BIGGER than the vascular system and moves about twice the amount of fluid on a daily basis.

In the last decade our lymphatic system has endured a huge amount of stress from an increase in environmental toxins.
The body has an innate wisdom. Yet with over 10,000 chemicals added to our environment every year, it needs a natural kick to stay fresh

ROSEMARIN provides electro magnetic protection

Rosemary is anti-mutagenic, this means it protects from the side effects of radiation. It is also a blood purifier and a cognitive enhancer. It is very happy in combination with spearmint as a hormone regulator. Herbs love working together in synergy.

Anethole is calming and helps with a flat stomach

Antheole is the carminative action of fennel. Fennel is a digestive aid and it tastes sweet! Alongside chicory it reduces bloating immediately. Unlike laxatives, these herbs help move everything along naturally but if you do become blocked, then you can increase the dose.

Burdock and dandelion brighten skin

Science is only just catching up with the traditional uses of burdock and dandelion. The bitter constituents of these plants increase bile flow and improve absorption of nutrients for skin health. You can also add a couple of drops of Fresh to your night cream for youthful benefits.

frequency enhancer and emotional revitaliser

Ibiza freedom essences work on a vibrational level. Balance hormonal glands on a metaphysical plane. This can be proven through costly bio-resonant technology. But we rely on our super intuitive medical herbalists and healers instead.

“Ultimately Fresh is a lymphatic cleanser. This means that it works on every cell of your body, to purify blood and remove toxins. Bringing you a calm gut, clarity of mind, clear skin and a naturo high.” Chloé Silverman, B.H.Sc (Naturopathy) Founder of Real Naturo

GENERAL DOSAGE (speak with one of our naturopaths for a bespoke dosage)

For a Calm GUT

Take 15 drops before meals.

For Clean SKIN
Take 15 drops dose in morning lemon water and night-time chamomile tea. Place 3 drops in your moisturiser and apply at night time.

For a Clear MIND
Take 25 drops dose in morning lemon water and night-time chamomile tea.

For a Real Naturo HIGH:
Take 5ml before going out to play.