Nervous breakdown

The nervous system is delicate. And the many energy bodies we have mean that not just the physical body can be harmed during one of these episodes but the psychic body, mental field and etheric field are disturbed. Stress, trauma and substances such as psychedelic drugs can open up the aura for energies to come in and for energies to leach out. This can result in a person hearing thoughts that are not their own. We all have our karmic journeys on this planet and the more darkness a person is here to dissolve, the more intense the experience can be. This isn’t a bad mushroom or acid trip. It is a spiritual emergence, that needs holistic care.  The other side of this experience is an insatiable amount of freedom, light and joy

Holistically at RealNaturo we look at all energy bodies. The nervous breakdown can also be viewed as spiritual awakening. Sometimes called a spiritual emergence of kundalini awakening.

Often it can be brought on too quickly by psychedelic drugs and kundalini practices. In this case it is important to seek medical intervention now. The central nervous system is very sensitive and if not treated correctly permanent damage can be caused. Presence practice like amigo are very applicable her but only when facilitated by masters and not until the second stage of treatment. See protocol. 

If this has happened to you head over to our Spiritual Emergence Protocol 

Know that you are not alone. What you are experiencing may feel absolutely brutal but with the correct care you will feel incredible. Light is still the light, you are connected to universal source energy.

Any scary sounding voices you may be hearing are not real! And our protocol will assist in restoring the real you. 

Advice for family and friends of somebody experiencing this

Week 1-3 . The Grounding phase  Put your hands on the person to ground them, hold their hand. If they are not completely debilitated and exhausted sit outside with them with your feet on the ground- no shoes. 

They will likely be medicated, confused, uncertain and having very odd dreams. Either awake dreams such as hallucinations or night dreams that seem very real. They may have paranoias that you are there as part of a secret surveillance. This is a normal process of awakening the world is observed from a “Me” perspective, psychic veils are thinnest at this time, different realms are accessed through sight and hearing. The ego death when done without the structures of  a lineage or discipline for protection is experienced quite frightfully. 

What to say: do not talk about anything other than what is in the present moment. That means no talk of other people or your car drive there. This kind of chat can be confusing and frustrating to hear. Reframe from playing music or using any technology around them. The nervous system has been blown open. Any stimulation is too much. This is a time to be quiet, let nature heal with Nature sounds. Make sure your friend or relative is getting salt baths. This is very cleansing energetically. 

Please watch my video on – an account of a spiritual emergence, to understand day by day comprehension and importance of senses. 

To be continued in video format on the forum