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Join a directory of accredited holistic professionals (Strict eligibility applies)

Stand out as a community leader with professional insights for success

Become a community leader. Have the opportunity to learn step by step, how to facilitate a 9-week course that places you in the centre of your community (Check out RNCP training for more info)

Use a reputable holistic brand

Add value to your services through a reputable wholistic brand

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There is so much misinformation on natural medicine, diet and lifestyle. Real Naturo set the record straight by representing the professionals trained to lead the way in health
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Be part of a global community in wholesome health.

Get Real practice results with a global database of naturo medicine and techniques that are proven to work.

Share and find brilliant resources for your clients on our forum.

Join or start your local community group with our “9 weeks to health” community program material.

What is Real Pro? A resource for all holistic practitioners. Whether you practice qigong, yoga, Chinese medicine, osteopathy, holistic nutrition, Ayurveda, hypnotherapy or massage. This is a network for professional holistic education and a community for professional growth and expansion.

5 Reasons to sign up to Real Pro

  • Be part of a community, connect and learn from wholistic practitioners all over the world.
  • Become an informed and confident leader for health in your area.
  • Receive FREE MENTORING in how to run conscious community projects.
  • Add value by affiliating with a brand that sets the standard for global wholistic health.
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What you get?

  • Attract more clients! Advertise your services, your website and any of your events or workshops via the Real Naturo directory.
  •  Get access to the wholistic professional forum for shared resources and support from likeminded therapists in an exciting global network.
  • Create a Real Naturo Community Project “RNCP”. Receive a business model uniquely designed for holistic therapists. This includes a 9-week program to deliver with weekly support from our team. This is for those who understand that working together for conscious healthy living is the way forward. RNCP helps to put you in the center of your community.

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Real Pro Resources

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  • Learn about clinical groups for Naturopaths here
  • Learn about RNCP community groups for holistic health professionals