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Era sessions are run by practitioners accredited in the Era method by Lesley Lewis-Parry. During the session you are taught a style of breath work that addresses deep emotional components of disease. Lesley Lewis-Parry developed Era over 35 years. Founder of RealNaturo Chloé Silverman (B.H.Sc Naturopathy) migrated Era into her naturopathic practice permanently many years ago. Chloé believe that naturo-medicine can assist somebodies health and wellbeing to a great extent but she became frustrated with ailments flaring up or resurfacing as different conditions later down the line. Especially the case for autoimmune disease and cancer.

When Era is used to target the often unconscious emotional component of illness AND the person uses the technique regularly long after the package, health is sustained long term. This is the aim of the RealNaturo game long term health and tools to empower you for a lifetime. 

Anyone can benefit from an Era session. Whether it’s part of a natural health regime, or to help you take control of behaviours and thought patterns that may be affecting your life choices. Three sessions in total are recommended.

After your first session you will have access to a safe and supportive RealTalk forum, where you can:

  • be reminded of the method to practice on your own whenever needed
  • chose to share your experience with others
  • hear the results of others who have used Era to cure many disease states

We highly recommend utilising the forum as this is how we collect practice based evidence for medicine and techniques that really work. It’s here that you will be supported by a like minded community. Our forums are encrypted, private and confidential.  

You may be asked if you can participate in university research, all is protected by the European data protection act.

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