Human Givens technique with Kim Thomas



Kim Thomas is a qualified Human Givens Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist delivering mental health wellbeing clinics online.

Human Givens therapy is a safe, fast and highly effective way to make changes in life

Clients come to see me when they want fast, effective results to reduce depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, stress, change relationships with food or in need of a confidence re-think.

Kim delivers life-changing conversations using Human Givens psychotherapy and counselling. Human Givens Therapy is recognised as being fast, effective, practical and long lasting which means clients can get back to living the life they want in sometimes as little as 3-4 sessions.

“I have successfully treated many adults, children and young people and helped them move on from a wide range of challenges. I am passionate about supporting women’s well-being and run a Menopause Clinic from Melton Wellness House. The sessions are uniquely designed and tailor made to meet each clients needs. I also deliver menopause management skills to group workshops, I.A.M.M Its About Menopause Matters. The workshops cover topics such as reducing anxiety, taking control of hot flushes, improving sleep, emotional resilience, confidence building, and stress reduction. My goal is to demystify menopausal issues, dispel negative thinking and provide women with the skills to make lasting changes. By feeling more in control women fell more motivated to move forward more positively and live a full and active life.”

Kim offers her time volunteering with children and young people via the Real Naturo refugee relief program. She observes that children respond very quickly to the Human Givens therapy. Together they explore the young persons personal resources, many of which they don’t realise they have. Working with their strengths and skills Kim creates therapeutic stories that work on a deep level to help alleviate any issues.
Issues such as – fear – worrying – grieving – stress – panic attacks – anxiety – lacking in confidence.

All of our practitioner are certified, insured and hold DBS checks for working with young people and vulnerable sectors of the community.