Neuro-tone 200ml



Herbal formula: Neuro-tone

The herbs used in this formula are supportive to the nervous system. Bacopa, also called brahmi in ayurvedic medicine, has potent antioxidant activity, which appears to be a result of both direct free radical scavenging activity and increasing endogenous antioxidant systems in the brain and liver.  Bacopa exerts cognitive and nootropic activity via multiple mechanisms, including activation of the serotonergic and cholinergic systems, antioxidant and mitochondrial stabilisation activities and enhancement of synaptic plasticity.

Wood betony gently tonifies and strengthens the nervous system while exerting its overall relaxing effect.  Stachys has astringent and alterative actions, giving it usefulness in treating rheumatism and toxic conditions.

Synergistically these herbal medicines show evidence of improving synaptic nerve function. This is an effective formula after prolonged physical or emotional stress whereby the central nervous system has been exhausted. For instance after a nervous breakdown.

Implement healthy protection from electro magnetic radiation and stress management tools alongside this formula.

Use our alfalfa seeds with Naturo sprout feed alongside this formula for best results.

Contains: :Bacopa, Wood Betony, Vitis vinifera, Scullcap, St Johns Wort and Valerian plus Ibiza freedom essences

Uses: central nervous system depletion, exhaustion, inability to focus, chronic neurological disease, nervous breakdown, drug induced exhaustion or chemical toxicity.