Get Sassi 5 week course


Get Sassi is a fusion of breathwork, yoga and erotic dance. This 5-week course also incorporates natural medicine practices. It will transform your world from ordinary to off the chart SASSI!


Welcome to a secret area of Naturo; strictly for vajay-yays!

Open yourself up to the work of SASSI.

This work belongs only to a secret society of powerful women, it’s the fast lane to abundant health, an exceptional glow, magnetism and highly creative thriving.

Are you ready for sexual empowerment?

Sexuality + Spirituality = Sassi (or alive with spirit)

I am Chloé ‘The Sass’ Silverman, my friends call me Sassi.

I have been around the block a few times with my career and my health journey, to bring you what works.

Why you need to ‘Get Sassi’:

  • full flowing whole body orgasms
  • increased life satisfaction
  • improved sexual pleasure
  • brighter skin
  • anti-aging without botox
  • to attract the right partner or create harmony in your current relationship
  • to flow into your life rather than constantly have to manifest
  • emanating a Sassi glow

..and of course correction of many reproductive conditions are a side effect to this work!

Get Sassi, has evolved from a half day workshop, a 3 day retreat and now to a 5 week intensive course.

I want you to feel everything, all of life to the fullest! I’ll show you how.. use erotic dance to unlock real sensuality playfully increase libido by reducing stress hormones, which also shuts down the endocrine ageing process. use your sexuality for your health and planetary healing. (This is sex magic 101. We sassblast all magic!) go from ordinary to orgasmic (without becoming a tantric twit. I did that already so I can prevent you from doing it!)

There is a nerdy bit too

We explore the female psyche a little bit but we don’t get caught up in philosophy and psychology. THIS IS EMBODIMENT!!! I slam outdated jungian archetypes. I smash apart NLP, CBT and many other short term techniques. To empower you with long term solutions.

We discuss how to create hormonal balance through nothing other than nurturing all parts of self with naturo medicine, naturo techniques and a whole lot of playful sass.

We delve into why women are not equal but different from men. How to harness the true ‘power of the pussy’ by cultivating and directing sexual energy in a healthy way.

This may well be the anti-dote to the neo-feminist social justice movement ;).


Get Sassi Package includes:

  • Yoni steaming herbs
  • A one-on-one appointment with Chloe ‘The Sass’ Silverman (usually £250) to identify which herbal medicines if any are needed.
  • Meditations for each week of the course that guide you from beginner to being able to meditiate and visualise your inner yoni for half an hour!
  • Get Sassi practices each week. (Erotic dance and yoga fusion).
  • Encrypted forum (NOT FB) to share your experience with others.
  • Weekly recorded calls (but you can go at your own pace).
  • Fortnightly live in person OR online sharing circles.
  • Transformational breath work x2 sessions
  • A yoni jade egg practice and GetSassi demo with the egg
  • A yoni obsidian dearmouring wand and practice
  • 20% off @ Naturo Clinic. These include appointments with a naturopaths or a sessions with a therapist at any point during the course.

Your commitment is 2 hours of undivided attention on the calls twice a week for 5 weeks. Plus 3x 30minutes weekly practice.

2023 dates released, NOV 3rd 2022!!! All live calls are Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Join the waitlist by messaging me here +447511 479005