The 3 Pillars of Real Naturo


 Natural medicine education for HEALTH:

  • community workshops
  • holistic health meet-ups
  • a global directory of holistic health naturo-medicine practitioners


Conscious living tools for HAPPINESS include:

  • community meet ups
  • a global directory of holistic health presence practitioners
  • education on naturo medicine, advancing technologies and sustainable living


Receive scheme for FREEDOM includes:

  • 5% of every health package goes towards health workshops in refugee camps/communities in Greece. Or one of our independent charities such as Art to Healing , an anti-trafficking NGO with a focus on holistic services for woman and children in Asia.
  • One day a month we run a free clinic sponsored by those in the community with more access to funds.  Contact us for information on this. Please write in subject  ‘Sponsor Scheme’.


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