Welcome to Autumn. Where home looks like soft woollen textures thrown over wooden surface. Smells of spicy candle wick flaunt over fire places and a clutter of hearty peeps, lounge in nooks close to the floor. Chatter whispers and laughter belts in between sounds reminiscent of Cloud control or Matt Corby. There is a lighthearted nonchalant yet majestic kind of vibe going on.  Similar to what the Danish call ‘Hegge’ but what is actually just Real Naturo! 

I recently discovered that my life is ‘Hegge’. A fantastic Danish term that can be applied to all aspects of what I’d coin ‘living with attention to detail’. The closer to living “in the present moment” that you become, the more heart is dispersed into the finer detail. Whether it is dreamy lighting and homely folk sounds, or smells of slow cooked food melting while friends play. There is something casually deluxe in this state of chilled being-ness. I believe that it is these relaxed moments of closeness that make life wondrous and worthwhile.

Here’s how to make your life sparkle Real Naturo:

Shape up your interior with green plants in home made pots. Think recycled brass bins or wooden boxes. Place wild flowers on the table, use string or a bow for that ‘from a world gone by’ feel. Use warm low glow lamps and lighting to create a mood. Light a fire, if you don’t have a fire place, inside have candles or outside with a fire pit. Get a disco ball to reflect a candle lit room and circulate the energy.

Buy a decent sound system and expand your repertoire of genres. I began my musical journey in London where my Zimbabwean boyfriend introduced me to the ingenious flow of hip hop. At my first rave, drum and bass boshed out rap and shortly after, I was captured by Australia’s rock and metal scene. I came down from the hedonistic lifestyle to Australian folk music on the beach. But the most ear awe-inspiring musical abode was of course- Ibiza. Ibiza open lab radio is still a Sunday morning go-to. Totally real naturo.

Eat slow cooked delicious nutrient dense food. This may take a bit of a slog initially but then you have plenty of time to play whilst the dish is simply cooking itself. There is nothing more satisfying than going for a woodland walk only to return with forged goodies and a done dinner. Photo on the left is mushrooms for the woods. Alongside mushrooms; October generously fruits: acorns, chestnuts, berries and rose hip.

Sex! Nothing is more real naturo than the after sex glow. Healthy sex transforms tension and boredom into creativity with fluidity. The ultimate slow down to connection and moment by moment living. No partner necessary. Making love to yourself releases the same amount of endorphins and oxytocin as a session with a lover. New to this? Check out Angharadowen.com aka Queen of the breath.

Keep conversation light, hearty and non conflicting. This is neither superfluous chat or sophisticated debate. It is the flow that easily swills a room after presence practices like breathwork, yoga or meditation. When you infuse your world with presence, telepathy between friends becomes the norm. This is magic in the moment. I have often said that future communication; will be laughter and sexctacy moans! Rarrrl

Enjoy falling in love with yourself, with friends and with life this fall.. need some extra support. Deep dive into a cleanse. The greatest act of self love.

Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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