Dopa fix

Dopa fix- previously called NeuroTone- is a herbal formula. Specifically designed to replete the nervous system, after a period of stress. Or to prevent neurodegenerative or neurological disease.

 It combines herbs from our NeuroCalm and CalmEnergy herbal formulas. 

Ingredients: Bacopa, Wood Betony, Vitis vinifera, Scullcap, St Johns Wort and Valerian plus Ibiza freedom essences

Our Naturopaths use this exact formula on patients with neurological disorders, veterans with amputees or nerve damage. As well as those repairing their neurochemistry in drug rehabilitation. Protocols for all of the above conditions can be found on our forums when you purchase dopa-fix. 

Uses: chemical toxicity, mental breakdown, major depression, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, phantom limb pain, neurological disorders, drug induced psychosis. 

“We have used dopa fix on veterans with phantom leg pain after having amputations. It has also been remarkable with patients who suffer neurological pain due to neurodegenerative conditions. I look forward to conducting more research and clinical practice-based trials of Dopa fix in combination with Ormus Nerve calm cream.” Chloé Silverman, B.H.Sc (Naturopathy) Founder of Real Naturo

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How Dopa fix works?

The herbs used in this formula are supportive to the nervous system. They induce neurogenesis while exerting an overall relaxing effect.  

Alongside guidance from our practitioner protocols on our forums, these herbal medicines show evidence of improving synaptic nerve function. This is an effective formula after prolonged physical or emotional stress whereby the central nervous system has been exhausted. For instance after illness, physiological trauma or an emotional  nervous breakdown.

Best used alongside Ormus monoatomic mineral supplement. See forum for more details and case studies. 


The nervous system is the body’s inner communication system. Made up of billions of neurons. Neurons communicate via electric and chemical signals. Naturo-medicine works along the same electrochemical energy waves.  When used correctly herbal alcohol extracts are able to realign homeostasis by using the bodies own feedback mechanisms. Science is limited to an outdated belief that neurons don’t reproduce or regenerate. Metaphysics and forward thinking scientists like Bruce Lipton have disproved this theory. The creation of new nerve cells is called neurogenesis. 

nootropic that enhances synaptic activity

Bacopa exerts cognitive and nootropic activity via multiple mechanisms, including activation of the serotonergic and cholinergic systems, antioxidant and mitochondrial stabilisation activities and enhancement of synaptic plasticity.

Neuroregenerative Potential of Centella asiatica

C. asiatica promotes protects the neurons from apoptosis. In vivo studies have shown that the whole extract and also individual compounds of C. asiatica have a protective effect against various neurological diseases.

resveratrol is neuroprotective

Resveratrol strongly decreased the mRNA levels of two proinflammatory genes, interleukin 1-α (IL-1α) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α). Resveratrol treatment also significantly decreased COX 2

Nervous System Trophorestorative

Wood Betony strengthens the solar plexus – the place that helps us feel connected – and through the solar plexus it strengthens the stomach and the rest of the nervous system, including the brain. It has an impact on psychological health.