Sweating as I walked into my first ever past or ‘other life’ regression, afraid of just how bad I’ve been in other lives. I lay down and closed my eyes.

I have put off hypnosis with excuses like;

Ego: “I’ve got too much shit to work on in this life”

Or Spiritual-ego: “I can go wherever I need to in meditation. So why do I need facilitation?”

Pushing ego aside I jumped into the chair to overcome resistance (my own bullshit) and fear (the unknown).

Little did I know at this point what a laugh I was in for.

After some freaky music, the hypnotist (a trusted friend, with years of experience) asked me to enter into my light body, the soul, and walk down a corridor full of doors. From the get go I couldn’t take this seriously. My light body cartwheeled down the corridor, knock and running past every door on her way down. Cheekily, she/I opened a door, pretended to step in then slammed it shut just before the psyche could articulate anything it saw.

“Choose a door” asked the hypnotist

I saw myself (the size of a pixie) with an endearing naughty smile peer back at the me watching, before choosing a door with a large pagan cross on it. Yawn I thought, seen this lark before. Past life of a witch.. obviously why I’m now a herbalist yada yada yada. This is going to be predictable. But before I knew it I fell through the door and I was in the blazing sun of the the Egyptian dessert.

Looking at my oaf like black feet I felt a great sense of height. As in, I was a looong way off the ground.

Was I a bloody giant? Did giants exist? Oh god this is going to be more like a bad mushroom trip! Just as I was about to freak out I noticed that I was wickedly uncomfortable. And moving!

“What are you doing?” the hypnotist asked. Who had started to sound like god from way out, in the dessert.

“Stealing camels what does it look like” I laughed to myself in a husky Arabic voice.

O.K I had not regressed into a land of giants. I was literally meters from the ground because I was riding a bloody camel.

Everything was ok again.

I had a tight afro, a big flat nose with angry nostrils and I was funny as hell.  I looked like a homeless Ice Cube n ‘today was a good day’.

Riding the back of a camel and dragging along 4 other camels that I’d just stolen from a near by village I was cracking jokes and laughing at the questions the hypnotist asked me.

Hypnotist: What are you wearing?

Me: A robe, what do you wear in the dessert?

Hypnotist: What are you doing?

Me: Making a special delivery.. hahaha

At this point my whole body felt assertive, funny and light.

The rest of the story got a bit more gory. I was a thief robbing and killing through dessert villages but the whole time being the funny man. Even on my last day of this lifetime, I was cracking jokes.

An hour had gone by and the session was soon to come to an end. Before which we went into the future of this life. 10 years down the road. Which ironically was harder for me to see than 1256AD!!

At the end of the session the hypnotist asked what I needed to learn from seeing this lifetime.

‘Be an outlaw and be merry…?’. “n keep ya head up” 2pac lyrics jumped in too.

Would I regress with a hypnotist again? With a joyous outlook and not taking anything seriously not even death, what’s there to lose.

Life regressions are not part of traditional Naturopathy but sometimes they can help us to see ourselves more clearly. Clearly I was born the wrong the colour and I need to start rapping more ;).

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