Cacao nibs have been inadvertently labelled as a super-food, even though it contains a neurotoxin that will kill your dog in a mere 200mg dose. In fact chocolate (a derivative of cacao) is used as Coyote poison in some American states.  However as an entertainment food for a sweet buzz, cacao nibs are a nifty little pick me up due to the tryptophan content and the abundance of a chemical constituent called theobromine.


Theobromine is one of the ‘fun’ plant constituents called an alkaloid. It sits in the same boat as highly addictive nicotine, ephedrine and morphine, they’re all natural alkaloids.  So why as Naturopaths are we advocating Cacao? Surely we should be recommending green juices, ginseng and meditation. We advocate all of the above because we understand the importance of celebration for optimum health and cacoa can enable high energy states that aid celebration.

Celebrating life with others is where we retrieve inspiration.

We thrive on healthy human connection and celebration is the best way to invigorate the soul and ease away stress. What better place to do this than on the dance floor. Not to be missed out on because you are choosing healthier partying.  Cacoa nibs can provide an alternative stimulant to keep you dancing through the night. Cacoa will help sustain energy on the dance floor and enhance the ecstasy feeding your soul through the speakers.  But beware it’s nicknamed “crackao” for good reason. Too much will make you jittery and anxious and alike other alkaloids after the first bitter handful you will keep reaching for the bag. Respect this Mayan ‘food of the gods’ by consuming in moderation.


Cacao is a medicine when used correctly. With correct facilitaiton in a ceremony, participants can reach higher states of consiousness to break barriers of social conditioning and reconnect to spirit. This is cacaos’ traditional and truest use. But for the dance floor lets just eat chocolate and get weird without the delusion of enlightenment.


Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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