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Ormus | the ultimate energetic and neural connecting super conductor

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Ormus is the antenna of life’ says Dan Easton, Real Naturo’s chemical engineer since 2015. In this video Dan explains how Ormus connects us to our true selves, by displacing heavy metals freely and safely alongside the RN-Cleanse. 

Ormus is now an essential part of the prebiotic days of the RN-Cleanse and we believe that everybody should be feeding it to their sprouts as part of daily self care.Check our forum for more info on how to feed it to broccoli, alfalfa, or mung beans! Plus all of our experiments in different growing mediums. We have some cool time lapses too. 

Ormus 200ml
Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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