NaturoPro Associate Training


Welcome to the associate training program.

A select 12 associates will be trained each year by Chloé Silverman and her personal mentors. Real Naturo is creating an ecosystem for growth, integrity and transparency in the natural healthcare world. Each associate is equally supported by the global team and as a result expansive personal and professional growth is inevitable.
Through the associate program you will:
  • be referred weekly patients for online consultations
  • be responsible for running your local NCP group
  • be able to establish integrative referral schemes with doctors and nurses in your area
  • create communication channels between all holistic practitioners in your area
  • stand out in your area of expertise globally through a highly professional, conscious and supportive network
Chloé Silverman and other holistic experts in forward thinking naturopathy support Naturopaths and psychotherapists of NaturoPro with the following modules:
  1. Exceptional and effective case taking skills via the Naturo Method
  2. Content for clinical support groups and clinical data pooling
  3. Monthly mentoring
  4. How to create transparency in naturopathy
  5. Access to RN branding and website clinicalpro forum area
  6. Growth as a practitioner through community and Naturo therapy work
  7. RN Receive system and refugee/aid work opportunities
To show your interest in the associate program please email [email protected] Please state reasons you believe to be a suitable practitioner for this unique team. If successful you will be invited for a skype chat. €150 is payable upfront €49 is the licence fee payable monthly in exchange for access to online consultations and other services.