RN-Cleanse | Practitioner support group training March 11th & 12th 2023


Running a juice cleanse program is a great way to attract new clients to your clinic. We make home cleansing safe, fun and accessible to all.


Calling all holistic warriors! Lets change the world for the better, together


Help more people, experience life to the fullest.

Bring in committed clients who are ready for major transformation. 

Feel supported as part of a professional team. 


Your time is precious and in my opinion shouldn’t be spent convincing clients to make better choices or change mindset. It should be on supporting their biological systems with your immense knowledge and experiences as a holistic medical practitioner. Just like “we cant wake anyone” one must awaken to reality themselves. As practitioners we cant force conscious awareness. One must become aware themsekves. TheRN Clesne assists this priocess  Let me help your clients be accountable for their journey.

So you can spend you time doing the bit that you love as a pro!

If your patients are distracted and unaware, how can you expect them to follow your incredible advice?

Help your clients to be accountable for their journey and truly honour your time!

Make life easier and RN-Cleanse your Community. I provide the foundation of diet and lifestyle techniques so you can crack on and do the pro stuff.  


“The Rn Cleanse began in 2015. I want more people to be able to access this content but I want them to have in person bespoke support from qualified practitioners. This is why I created the support group method for fellow practitioners to help their clients take their power back , with medicine and techniques tat really work. Be part of the new paradigm in Naturo medicine.”


The world needs you to stop playing small!

Treat a large group of people at once by running a support group in your niche, alongside the RN-Cleanse. 

Course is a two day workshop. It consists of the following modules:
  1. Supporting practice based evidence/case studies of cleansing for diseases states using the Naturo Method principles and regime.
  2. Pathophysiology of detoxification; signs and symptoms. Importance of diagnostic tools/measurements when taking patient consultations during the RN cleanse.
  3. Understanding the science of cleansing; mucoid plaque, ketosis, gluconeogenisis, autophagy etc
  4. Application and medicinal properties of clay shakes, parasite cleanse herbal formula and enemas.
  5. Traditions of fasting, dry and water fast. Fasting and consciousness to Next Level Living; the breatharian way
  6. Analysis of comparative evidence for benefits of presence practices and heart coherence techniques for conscious awareness when cleansing.
  7. Holding space; Naturo Yoga principles and taoist meditation explained.
  8. Herbal formulas and the Naturo online Clinic.
  9. Your role in The Naturo Method for community health and wellness.
  10. Business opportunities as a NaturoProA. Unlimited event invitations and support online and in person.



This two day workshop is open to those qualified holistic health professionals with a good interest in nutritional biochemistry. For example: naturopaths, nutritionists, nutritional therapists, master herbalists and real naturo trained health mentors.



Completion of the workshop is a prerequisite to signing up to be a NaturoPro. Whereby you can run your own community cleanse or retreat cleanse program using real naturo professional products. Such as our herbal formulas, purify packs and branding. You will also be able to consult our associate team of naturopaths for ongoing support and continued professional education.

Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc (Naturopathy) believes that the RN-Juice Cleanse is the quickest way for your clients to:

1. Develop awareness of self for a happier life

2. Learn tools and techniques for long term health

Chloé and the team at RN are entirely invested in helping you to set up and promote your community juice cleanses program long after this workshop has finished. With the help of our forums, weekly Naturo education calls, monthly events and meet ups.

Once certified. £29 is the ongoing membership, payable monthly for ongoing branding and support calls. All material is copyright to RealNaturo.


Early bird price ends Feb 20th 2023