Before I start.. if someone said to me even a week before I was ready to embark on this journey “I’m a breatharian” I would have told them “erm no mate, you’re an idiot”.

The concept of Breatharian might have been beyond my level of perception.

The statement might have threatened my whole sense of reality.

Discredited everything I knew to be true in the biosciences.

However, instead of threatening my existence and becoming butt-hurt from the 8 years of solid study, money and energy I’d put into my Naturopathy degrees, I just kind of …got it.

In February 2017, one year after my 30th birthday, whilst in Serbia working in the field with refugees.  I made an impulsive decision. After watching just one you tube video on breatharianism. I embarked on a breatharian initiation course in Costa Rica. It was the very first time I had ever heard of Ray Maor (the initiator), Teal Swan (the retreat host) or the Breatharian way.

I knew that I needed to upgrade my spiritual development. Something that I felt had been stuck since leaving a mature conscious community in Australia 4 years prior. Life had become incredibly mundane in Spain.

Ibiza’s hedonism versus floating newage contradictions had become tiresome and I needed a wild shake up. I knew nothing of Breatharians.  But it felt right.

Below is a summary of my personal account of the breatharian or more accurately light- living lifestyle.

It’s only been 4 months since I began this journey in February 2017. I am finding my own way, through trial and error and error and error… I can’t seem to find any other naturopaths, nutritionists or holistic doctors who have stepped onto this territory. It’s pretty fluffy right now. Pretty infuriating.

I am strict with logic and evidence. I review and research before I advocate anything for my patients. There is nothing logical about the breatharian way and therefore I can not review and conclude an analysis in the logical mind. This being said, currently I can not advocate this way of life to any of my patients in clinical practice.

Ray Maor who initiated me into the process is a gorgeous freak.

I’ve never met anyone that is so metal (Chinese medicine term). He believes and therefore he is.  I don’t work this way. I feel and therefore I flow.  In my view he is an earthy mind manifestor, a doer.  A lifetime ago from a position of lack and unworthiness I egoically manifested everything that I’ve ever wanted. But later lost everything. So these days I aim to simply be. From my experiences I believe that if you meet your needs you will have no desires and no reason to manifest anything because it will gravitate towards you. Living from heart has been my only intention for many years now.

I have personally experienced how mind manifestations of any kind can big time mess with karma. Next level karma! Not the “karma is a bitch” ting. So, on a course with the manifestor of manifestor’s I faced a lot of resistance in the method and realised that we all function differently. Ray reminds me a lot of my little brother, a surgeon with a playful heart yet stern mentality. The paradoxical familiarity allowed me to understand him and bypass his focus on manifesting. I recommend his 21 day process to all, especially those that lean towards the scientific path. After all he is from a science background.

If however you understand that science is entirely limited and you are on a real spirit journey go with Jashmeens books. In my RN Cleanse courses and workshops I recently learnt that I use similar techniques to which she wrote back in the 90’s. Just another reminder that we are all intertwined, breaking free from this world wide web together.

What is the Light-living process? Check out the video here

Top 5 positives of this lifestyle:

  1. My mind is more clear: Cognition is astute. I’ve aways been quick to grasp concepts but now they are coming before they have been verbally explained. The intuitive healer is on point. We are ALL psychic, it’s just a case of remembering through reconnecting to yourself.
  2. More freedom to be of service. I’m less effected by weather patterns, people around me and pulls of the moon. I no longer feel over-sensitive to my surroundings, I can detach and observe more easily.
  3. I don’t get tired but I know that when I want to sleep I just lay down and I will fall asleep straight away. Weird.
  4. I make more time for pampering and making myself look good. I actually enjoy painting my nails and doing make up. Steaming. Scrubbing, neti-potting. Before I used to find these things a tedious chore. There was always something more exiting to do (learn). Now I can enjoy the little moments of self care.
  5. I have more time to play and this I do a lot. Life is a game and we are only here to play (whilst serving in order to sensibly evolve), until we hit the next level which I believe is coming and will be truly awesome!

Why as a naturopath have I choosen to stop eating?

  1. It’s a path that allows me to be more of service. Physically and mentally I don’t get tired. I live on 4- 6 hours sleep a night. I used to be an 8 hour girl or I’m a mega bi-atch. I can work on more patient cases, run two clinics and an online business simultaneously. When working with refugees in extreme situations I won’t need to stop to eat. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a robot. I lay in savasana for at least an hour each day. I work out everyday and I play LOTS. Woman still has needs, I’m no buddha!
  2. I don’t want to limit myself by needing to stop for 3 meals a day. I’ve never respected balance. I think it’s a term coined for complacency. I have worked alongside too many freak geniuses who never stopped to even piss never mind eat when in creative flow. This is our natural impressive state that I believe is numbed down by food, more to the point- what’s in the food.
  3. Spiritual growth is my number one reason for this journey. Rapid acceleration for clear guidance and communication. We are not just this body, so why limit ourselves.

What’s changed?

I don’t get hangry

I used to have blood sugar slumps and be that girl that got “hangry” if she didn’t eat immediately. I also used to burn out lots but neither of these happen now. There is nothing to burn out when you are riding on a frequency of energy/light.  I believe that the whole blood sugar thing is just a program that can be over-ridden by addressing the emotional traumas with Naturo-therapy.

No ketosis high like I used to get from fasting retreats.

Prior to this breatharian gig I used to fast yearly for at least a week each year. I loved it because I felt so high on ketosis for the whole week. Who doesn’t want to feel high? It’s also the reason I got into tantra, for the ecstatic orgasmic flowing feeling all the time and spontaneous orgasms – hello! I’ve come to realise (excuse the pun) that I had an attachment to this state. Trying to maintain it means it can’t be natural to be “orgasmically alive”, as you are not the observer when in this ecstatic state.

With the light- lifestyle I don’t experience that high it is completely different. It’s a more natural state of being. Calm centred and joyous.

I went from womb lover, moon lover, orgasmic tantrist to cerebral zen – pretty much over night.

I believe this is just part of the cosmic ride, swinging from extreme feminine to the extreme masculine before merging the two into balance. The initiation may have instigated it more quickly or likely I was just ready for it to unfold. An outcome of this was resolved family issues.

“think you’re enlightened go spend a weekend with your family” Ram Das

This explains an immediate dismissal of moon living and for sure a more stable, less chaotic observation of my emotions.

Aside from philosophical concepts and mystic ideas. Light living has been a process of unlearning EVERYTHING I was ever taught in university.

How exactly has it changed my life?

1. In the eyes of the unconscious, I’m officially “even more selfish and ungrateful” when other people cook for me. “I’m just being awkward”  or “attention seeking”.

Consequently I have removed myself from interactions with people temporarily until I learn to be comfortable with them being unable to accept this way of life. This way of being challenges a lot of ingrained belief systems and so part of the process is a checking in with your ego (to not identify) and learning to become resilient from the judgmental backlash.

2. I don’t get hungry and I don’t get full.

So when I do eat, it’s pointless after a few mouthfuls because I will not be satiated by the food. I was meant to wait 6 weeks after the initiation process to break the fast and just have liquids. But instead.. my inner rebel was like “hey if the process is done then it’s done. I have the freedom to eat or to not eat”. So I did.

I ate a vegan burger,

..then a chocolate cake,

followed by a full pizza and a salad.

They all tasted bland and did not satiate me or make me feel full.  Ray was right – no hunger, no fullness. AH what have I done! I went to the bar and ordered a margarita with plenty of salt to taste something. Ah heaven! Alcohol is still alcohol, although I don’t remember being drunk.

For the last 10 years I had done yearly juice cleanses and I would only ever be able to eat as much as half an apple to break the cleanse before I felt full.  So this finding of eating and eating and eating straight away was extraordinary.  Somehow the process has tapped into the hormonal control of leptin and other hormones. I’m researching this and seeking other breatharians/pranic or light thrivers to conduct some research.

3. I have no choice but to do things that I love and to follow purpose. This has led to ending of relationships and friendships. Dancing and writing more, spending even more time alone in nature. And of course BREATHING and sitting in meditation, which comes more easily.

If you think you might be called to light living, hit me up and I will link you to a 10 day initiation. Contact us

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