When we respect the emotional body by processing emotions effectively, we come to realise that we are capable of not only living without food but thriving through other sources of nourishment.

Those that live a light- lifestyle eat seldom meals when they chose to. Some eat daily, others weekly, some monthly. They do however drink fluids.  This is very different from Breatharian living which is when people don’t eat or drink at all.

Light living can be achieved by anyone who devotes their life to living from a high vibrational state. Unfortunately it is not accessible to those that are in survival mode Otherwise half the world wouldn’t be starving! It is part of a spiritual path and easily available to those who meditate daily and know how to abdominally breathe correctly. A lineage like qigong or buddhist meditation helps too.

If you are planning to do a Light living or breatharian initiation check out our Light Living Preparation course.

Having done a Breatharian initiation, here are some things that I know now and wish I knew before:

  • The process doesn’t really begin until you leave the initiation.
  • It wasn’t really Breatharian initiation because I still drink.
  • On the flip side, the world will look feel and taste very different. LIFE IS A GAME PEOPLE. SHTOP TAKING YOURSHELVES SHO SHERIOUSLY.
  • I wish I did RN-cleanse before hand. Or at least a parasite cleanse.
  • Be prepared to use the money that you used to spend on food, on therapy, therapy and more therapy.
  • Nothing will prepare you for the haters whose minds are blown by the way you live. Just be cool and compassionate. Even in the face of ridicule.
  • Get ready to find out that we are all emotional eaters.
  • Music will give you ear-orgasms.
  • Sex is next level and way more time for it. Only tantra will do thank you!
  • Life becomes more sensual. You can get high on sights, smells and touch!
  • Get ready to be more creative than ever before.
  • The lighter you become the more darkness you attract. Shit can get weird! You must learn to stay grounded and protected.
  • When you do eat, you won’t feel satiated. Nothing tastes as good as it smells.
  • If you continue to not eat for a long time, you won’t get hungry – ever. You may mistake feelings of hunger for emotions that haven’t been dealt with but this isn’t hunger.
  • Food will taste bland, when you do eat you may eat differently and enjoy different flavours.
  • You will save money on groceries especially toilet paper! Your bowels will move much less regularly.
  • You will have so much more time during the day to be creative and sleep less.
  • If you begin to eat regularly again, your body will return to how it was before and you will need to do the dry fast again.
  • Your health will improve dramatically.
  • You wont be as effected by the weather or the pulls of the moon.

Why do I recommend an initiation process to begin living this way?

You must be fairly conscious already to be considering this way of life. You have likely been a vegetarian or on the raw food diet for a while to prep your body for the next step.

The initiation is whereby a teacher transmits information into your energy body. This makes the transformation to light living very simple.  All you need to do is be present enough to yourself to accept the knowledge and go through the motions. I’ve met a few people who turned Breatharian or light- living naturally without any initiation from a teacher but they had devoted their life consciously to spirit years prior. As time accelerates and conscious evolution advances quicker than ever before, it is easier to live off light. In fact I’ve considered that this may be the natural progression of evolution. The more you know the less you know. Decipher truth for yourself. 

The only sure thing I KNOW and therefore trust is that which comes to me not what I read. Mind is limited. The body knows. The HEART KNOWS. The game is discerning perception. 

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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

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