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Naturo Yoga

Naturo yoga articles are written by our experts who have been practicing a yogic lifestyle for at least 10 years.

Within this section you can also find Next level living a segment dedicated to the breatharian way of life. A lifestyle implemented naturally by the most expansive yogis. A lifestyle whereby one can thrive without the need for food as nourishment.  These articles are Chloé Silverman’s personal journey with what she has coined Next Level Living.

Naturo Yoga
26th March 2017

Headstand is king; sirsasana for sheer magnificence

By Sarah-Jane Murphy; Naturo retreat practitioner; the most beautiful and dreamy writer of yoga there…
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EducateNaturo Yoga
13th October 2016

Is your office a temple for clarity and brain activity? Lets change the rat race into an orchestral symphony.

by Sarah-Jane Murphy, Real Naturo retreat practitioner: the most beautiful and dreamy writer of yoga…
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