Divine feminine, women rising, empowered goddesses may all be confabulated new age baloney. After all much of the new age motion is another consciousness trap. A person who is awakened has no need to worships dieties, or attach to any one theory, especially not a contemporary version of deluded happiness, where we are told to be happy, erm.. complacent.

OR  the “emerging matriarch” may be natural evolution. And female rising tools need be taught in every community across the world. Check this out for an orgasmic hit of literacy on the rise of feminine essence. Wow-ow not woo woo!

Either way, we must always be discerning even when it feeeeeeels like wholesome truth. Paradoxical summaries are what keeps life in synergistic flow.

But what can not be denied and what Taoists philosophy has adorned for hundreds of years is the power of activating the womb for health.

The yoni – vajayjay, vagina, cunt, womb space, clunge, lotus, whatever you want to call it, IS a woman’s gateway to health.

In the below article Kirsty calls it the yoni as this is the sanskrit word. And it offends less people than the word Cunt, originally derived from the Goddess Cunti, a goddess of fertility.

Cunt is a brilliant word, as it perfectly represents the depth of distortion in the illusions we accept.

It’s a depiction of how our moral right and wrongs have been engineered through corruption of even our language. If we consider the quantum field, then we understand that blasphemising of the sacred female body part – our most creative and powerful centre for healing – reduces the energetic frequency. Thus de-stabilising the collective boat for all free and loving ladies. But don’t fear! A simple, daily, heart felt affirmation of “I am a beautiful cunt” will reconnect you. Plus yoni egg action as Kirsty delightfully describes for you below. Also check out Devashi Shakti’s Tigress yoga classes if you are based in Australia.

Tigress yoga was where I was first exposed to yoni egg practices in 2011, I have since referred many woman to Tigress yoga alongside herbal medicine and they have healed themselves of PMS, fibroids, endometriosis and even cervical cancer. Some women have even become immune to male pattern bullshit and forgiving of screaming children in public places!

Over to Kirsty, the graceful articulator of female embodiment, my comrade cunti and Real Naturo’s first right-handed woman.

Taoist yoni egg practices for female health

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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

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