by Sarah-Jane Murphy, Real Naturo retreat practitioner: the most beautiful and dreamy writer of yoga there ever was.

Yoga: Is your office a temple for clarity and brain activity? Lets change the rat race into an orchestral symphony.

The world is a fast breathless song. We seem to be living in a run on unpunctuated sentence. Ah! The game of modern society in its office block box.

Games are fun of course. Until we realize we have been relegated to the position of a Pawn in a frantic rat race of lists and unfinished dishes. (We were in the office till late again)

It is the truth that the temple of our varied little plots and missions, cogs and cognitions THE OFFICE, is often least equipped to hold the flame of clarity and vision steady. Often this is where our ill-advised ill adjusted patterns burn the most intensely. Where we become mechanized automatons to these silly habitual twitches.

What are our solutions, short of “knock em all down and head for those green tinged hills Betsy!’

What to do? Where can we find an ellipsis, or at least a hyphen in this endless chatter?

Aaaaaaah! Long deep exhale.

Yoga. The practice that sighs long and deep, that finds the spaces and the edges where there seemed to be none, the practice that takes out inflammation that caught like a flame.

A yoga mat is an empty space.

The simple rubber oblong shape is infact a powerful invitation to remember to breathe, to reconnect, to slow down, to let go. So we can choose the intensity with which we live our lives. It Invites us to create the space we need to sense our own creativity and the wellspring of mystery and magic that springs from us when we are not in the throes of a frenzied to do list.

Instead of a fist or a clenched jaw, we can softly press our palm into the solidity of the ground. We can.. slowly…. deeply…exhale, and look at what makes sense according to our own rhythm.

WE can change the rat race into an orchestral symphony.

If we start conscious of that, every action, every click of the mouse is a string plucked from our own deep resonant musicality.

Aaaaaah!…long slow exhale. Hands press sustainable rubber.

Space is precious. And it does not have to be filled. IT can be inhabited, cultivated. Even when encased in a cement block as it were.

Such is our yoga mats, the shape of a jenga block, existing for the toppled ones to rebuild their pieces.

It is an invitation to remember space and for the sake of balance it makes very good sense (as any adroit jingo player knows).

There are powerful alchemical practices that happen on the yoga mat.

And they needn’t be time consuming lengthy or complex.

  • Five-twelve minutes of savasana.
  • A three minute inversion (handstand, headstand, shoulder stand).
  • A few sun salutations.
  • Ten minutes of meditation.
  • A downward dog or even a bit of old fashioned wriggling around ( perhaps that ones for the private office space)

It has been said that 90% of brain activity is generated by activity in the spine.

All of these practices can be transformative ellipses to a hectic day.

Yoga infact satisfies so many deficits in the rhythms of todays societal structure it’s almost laughable not to practice it!

  • It reconnects us to our physicality after hours of high intensity mental activity.
  • It enhances our creativity, our cognition, our mental functioning.
  • it slows the pace that can veer towards frenetic.
  • It increases our flexibility and adaptability in body mind and spirit.
  • It generates space, which exists anywhere and everywhere but can be difficult to access on the freight train to nowhere.
  • it promotes health well being connection clarity, and autonomy.
  • For bosses; happy, healthy, more focused creative workforce.
  • For rest of us and the masses, new eyes new skin, even perhaps new wings to fly out of that office block window, if only metaphorically.
  • At the very least it offers clarity to choose what it is we wish for in our projects and in our own lives.

Lastly, yoga is a tendril of growing green in the cracks and crevice of concrete.. it fosters autonomy of spirit amidst a system that does not encourage it.

Quite possibly it is the ultimate silent rebellion.


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