Nutritionist meal planning


For a diet plan suited to your individual health needs. speak with our nutritionist today.

Via email or video call. Our holistic nutritionists specialise in diet plans and nutritional medicine recommendations.

RN-Cleanse Raw and Prebiotic meals prep

This call is ideal to help those doing the cleanse to prepare their meals on days 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10. See more information on the cleanse here.

Weight management

Great for weight management programs or advice on a specific dietary requirements. For example a vegan diet, a diet to lower blood pressure or a diet for diabetes.  

Vegan and vegetarian diet plans

Are you thinking about going vegan? It is very easy to mis out on vital nutrients when you change form met based to a plot based diet. Veganism has had a bad reputation in the past due to it being administered incorrectly. Studies have proved major nutrient deficiencies collected in blood samples from people on a vegan diet include. These include zinc, B12, calcium, vitamin D and iron. Our nutritionist will make sure that you avoid any nutrient deficiencies with this diet plan. They will give you an easy to follow guide and personalised structure for plant based eating that is safe and nutrient dense. This is a great informative and safe way to start.

Iron deficiency anaemia

Have you have been diagnosed by your GP with an iron deficiency? If so it is likely that the doctor, the expert in disease, hass put you on ferrous sulphate. This is a cheap form of iron with low absorption rate and many side effects such as constipation. Our naturopaths and nutritionists, the experts in health, can provide you with the best dose and form of iron, specific to your type of anaemia as displayed in your blood test. They will also provide you with a list of iron rich food and the best way to eat them for ultimate absorption.

Food intolerances

Treating disease by starting in the gut is the bread and butter of naturopathic practice. If you have a diagnosed food intolerance it can be tricky preparing meal plans and knowing what foods that you can and can’t eat. Our practitioners can provide you with an expert service to structure meal plans and give you fresh ideas. What’s more we have a gut repair program specifically for food intolerances. This program repairs and restores the gut wall permeability. Treating the cause of symptoms and repairing the food intolerance. Enquire today for more info.