Infection control 100ml



This herbal anti-viral formula is specifically for cold and flu type symptoms.  Take alongside a Naturo anti-inflammatory diet and all standard precautions which can be found on our forum. Use QR code on label to access forum protocols.

If you have underlying medical conditions you must speak with a naturo-medicine practitioner.

Herbs in this formula are: anti-viral, anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory, anti microbial, anti bacterial.

Herbs include: wormwood, mullein, fallopian japonica, scullcap baic., bupleurum, ginger and rosemary or pine essential oil. Plus flower essences

Suitable for children with revised dosage, see forum. Childrens formula available and also a family pack. Speak with us today for personalised health care (UK) 01223 911773 [email protected]

If you are on other medication or have a health condition then you must have a naturopathy consultation for herb drug interactions.