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Speak with a naturopath online today. Your first appointment costs £170 and after that a standard appointment costs £90


The Naturo Method© now online!

Naturo-medicine to correct biological imbalances and medically intuit a plan.

Naturo-medicine consultations provide an in-depth analysis of your biological health and emotional wellness. The naturopath will assess your medical history, current health status and bioenergetics (how your body is reacting to your environment). Iridology is used to support these findings.

Using this information your naturopath will make an analysis and provide a treatment plan to balance accordingly.

Treatment is in the form of alcohol extracts of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and energetic vibrational medicine.

Although naturopathy is biological medicine, our practitioners work at a cellular energetic level. After all we are working with live natural plants which pass on energetic blueprints alongside chemical components. Our intuitive practitioners are chosen specifically not only for their degree level education but for their ability to tune into plant energetics.

Meditation, breath work and yoga nidra provided in this package help your results to be long lasting.

These are accessible via a log in to our private forum RealTalk.


For detoxification purposes we recommend an appointment with your GP for blood tests before and after the package to measure your success. Our naturopath will take photos of your iris and tongue as measurements but it’s satisfactory to see results on paper. Please request a liver function test and full blood count. We can provide you with a referral letter if needed.

Herbal formulas

Naturo medicines are the form of ‘practitioner-only’ herbal formulas to address the biological body. 

Naturo-medicine will be delivered to you next day from our UK dispensary.  Acute conditions that we see online include:

  • anxiety
  • headaches/migraines
  • skin conditions
  • PMS
  • cold and flu
  • fever (not children)
  • chest infection
  • constipation or diarrhoea
  • sinusitis/allergies
  • digestive complaints
  • insomnia/ sleep problems
  • depression

Membership forum access

Once you have had an appointment you will receive access to a membership forum, where you can access exclusive sound healing downloads. Sound healing recordings are used to rewire the brain for neurological healing and to expand the electromagnetic field of the heart, by inducing theta brain wave.

For chronic conditions we recommend a package. Chronic conditions include autoimmune diseases, mental health diseases, cancer, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, bronchitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma etc  Please call Chloe Silverman on 01223 911773

For information on how the consultation is carried our please see here


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