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The Naturo Method© now online!

Naturo-medicine appointments are conducted online via zoom by one of our practitioners. This is the future of natural medicine; the ability to use natures gifts with technology to address all energy bodies.

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Herbal formulas

Naturo medicines are the form of ‘practitioner-only’ herbal formulas to address the biological body. 

Naturo-medicine will be delivered to you next day from one of our world wide dispensaries.  Acute conditions that we can treat online include:

  • anxiety
  • headaches/migraines
  • skin conditions
  • PMS
  • cold and flu
  • fever (not children)
  • chest infection
  • constipation or diarrhoea
  • sinusitis/allergies
  • digestive complaints
  • insomnia/ sleep problems
  • depression


Membership forum access

Once you have had an appointment you will receive access to a membership forum, where you can access exclusive sound healing downloads. Sound healing recordings are used to rewire the brain for neurological healing and to expand the electromagnetic field of the heart, by inducing theta brain wave.


For chronic conditions we recommend a package. Chronic conditions include autoimmune diseases, mental health diseases, cancer, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, bronchitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma etc  Please call Chloe Silverman on 01223 911773

For information on how the consultation is carried our please see here


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