Sassi VIP Retreat


Sassi – The Retreat. A 5-night luxury rejuvenation retreat for women. Set in the rustic Portuguese countryside.


Relax in the elegance and rustic beauty of a grand Portuguese farm house. Enjoy divine organic food and revitalise by the pool.

Tap into your natural energy source with ‘Sassi Space’. A fusion of erotic movement & breath-work. This is your secret weapon to never burning out again. With internationally renowned naturopath Chloe Silverman aka Sassi. No nudity.

Feel fantastic and look great with Power Yoga, build your inner & outer strength with exceptional classes from yogini Suzy Cooper.

Ignite your self-care practice with Taoist sexual practices. Enjoy an exclusive audience with guest practitioner Jade Lotus. You will never do a boring kegal exercise again after this! Practices optional.