Lay down, relax and listen to this 20minute yoga nidra for health and happiness.

A significant part of the Naturo method for healing and prevention of disease.

“Yoga nidra may be the antidote to the immune depleting impact of Wi-Fi ” Chloe Silverman Naturopath and Yoga therapist

   What is yoga nidra?

The word yoga is Sanskrit for ‘union’. Yoga unites the mind, body and spirit. The aim of yoga asanas (postures) enable a person to physically and mentally sit for long periods in meditation. With the aim being to reach a blissful state called Samadhi.  Alike yoga asanas, yoga nidra is also a wonderful prelude to meditation as it helps to empty the mind.  Meditation, is in essence a state of mindlessness and union with all of consciousness.

Aside from assisting deep states of meditation, Yoga Nidra specifically, can take you to a deeply healing place. We find the combination of Naturo medicine with yoga nidra extremely beneficial for acute and chronic conditions. Nidra (Sanskrit for psychic sleep or dream) requires you to lie down, close your eyes and allow yourself to be taken on a journey of healing through theta brain waves. In naturopathy philosophy healing involves all of the different energy bodies. Evidence demonstrates that if we address mind, body and spirit, we can put a full stop on an illness rather than patch things up.

Yoga nidra is coined ‘yogic sleep’ or ‘psychic sleep’.  It makes possible deep emotional and psychological healing and repair.


Theta Brain Wave Restore and Repair

Yoga Nidra is an invaluable tool with this process.  It encourages patients to safely come to solutions via addressing unconscious programmes operating in the brain. Most of which were conditioned into us before the age of seven, through primary and secondary socialisation. Those who practice Yoga Nidra, describe a sense of purpose, a deep inner-connection with the self, a development of intention and security, and an all round feeling of well-being. Studies are showing positive results with Yoga Nidra on a wide variety of issues and illnesses. These include depression, PTSD, high blood pressure, addiction, insomnia, amongst many more.

Given the exposure to electromagnetic radiation and the impact this has on our immune system, it is necessary to participate in regular presence practices such as Yoga Nidra. Just one hour of this practice is known to be the equivalent to four hours of deep sleep. A sleep state that produces Theta brain waves which nourish and replenish our nervous system.

How will I experience this?

For each person the experience will be different, some may embark on a visual journey, others may experience a kundalini type of awakening or you may just feel deeply relaxed. Of course, given practice you may experience all three and much more.

Whatever your experience, nidra can benefit your overall wellbeing and undo layers that have been influencing your true self. With Nidra comes love and freedom and the opportunity to release your fears to create your true potential.



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