As a clinical  practitioner I aim to use sound evidence before I make statements in clinic.

When clinical trials are designed with a bias, the only transparent form of evidence I believe is in the form of practical evidence. Therefore an ultimate goal of Real Naturo is structured data collection of clinical evidence worldwide.

It is in this collection of clinical data that my conclusions on the so called “transformative medicine” of ayahuasca have been accounted. Please note this is a personal clinical account and more data and research is necessary for anything more than an observation.

Every now and then I experience people coming into clinic who have participated in numerous ayahuasca ceremonies. Generally I know before they have even sat down that this is the case. These people have a cloud of disconnection. It’s other worldy but not in a friendly ethereal way. I feel the same vibe from drug addicts (of which I worked with for many years) but generally their energy is disconnection through depletion and holes in the aura, rather than a distant disconnection. I have a 90% success rate with compliant patients. The 10% belongs to those who have undergone more than 2 chemotherapy sessions or those who have consumed ayahuasca many times.

As a critical analyst, a detective of the mind body and soul..  I thrive on complex cases.

But the ayahuasca conundrum has challenged me. The general patient will come in confusion, said to have done much of “the work”. They seem to have a strong, well at least an articulate sense of self, yet there is a divide. A divide between soul and body. A disintegration almost like they have been hijacked.  Not to mention routes of ayaushkua stemming from the Catholic church. An ideology that has been accountable for tremendous abuse and incongruence.

I have seen ayahuasca used as a medicine magnificently and people are more wholesome and integrated from the experience. But this is incredibly rare and takes one who has a high vibration of love brought about only through a diligent presence practice. Crystals, sound healing, belief and reiki aint gonna cut it I’m afraid.

I sense that ayahuasca is layered. New age is playing with psychoactive medicine to induce an experience that can result in people detaching from what is helpful.

After all from my understanding – ayahuasca shows you your sub consciousness, it does not link you to higher consciousness like meditation, yoga or qigong might. In general I feel that once new age hype has got hold of something sacred it infiltrates the system and destroys it.

As a practitioner I am pickled with this one. Flower essences help to an extent to rid of the perceived ‘aya hold’. But long term I remain unsuccessful.

Shout to any practitioners working in this area for your assistance on how we can help the new wave of ayahuasca takers in clinical practice and reclaim plant medicine’s sacred abilities an prevent a karmic catastrophe.

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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist


  • victoria says:

    i am also concerned about this – have quite detailed research and experience of aya from the Americas but very perturbed about what is happening and have been publically speaking out about this PLUS assisting people with integration as a practitioner – each client is case specific – the main issues i feel that seem to stand out at the moment = are partaking of the medicine without having had an adequate calling (and more because its become a fashion), plus poor supervision and gate keeping of those serving it, and seeming oblivion to the existence of the most important aspect of the ceremony = the homework/integration….am keen to develop resources etc to enable people to be more mindful in deciding if its for them, and to steer them away from considering the tribal after glow a reason to go bar hopping and displacing loneliness and other addictions into attendance at ceremonies – anyway- not sure where you are based but happy to connect to discuss more as there needs to be safeguarding on many levels….

  • Real Naturo says:

    Hi Vicky thank you for your comment, greatly appreciated. Even if my reply is delayed.
    Is this you Vicky?
    Impressive work! I’d love to share more of your findings for greater awareness. Please feel free to drop links

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