Accredited Schools and Institutes

There are so many shades of grey within the holistic health arena.

  1. From traditional degrees, like the Bachelor of Health sciences, Degree of botanical medicine, Diploma of nutrition, Degree of nutritional medicine, blah blah blah
  2. Conventional medicine accreditations in the sciences who then strained in botany or nutrition. The researchers with PhD’s or medical doctors yada yada
  3. Non-specific undergrads in health sciences, meh!
  4. to hocus pocus schools, ladida
  5. then we have personal trainer’s sports nutrition training, (yikes don’t mess with these guys. Their knowledge of protein means they can EAT YOU!)
  6. and the lovely psychoactive herbal medicine certificates, aka ‘tripper training’.

I joke because I’ve done nearly all of the above. However, the above displays endless ‘qual-confusion‘. And as a trained practitioner it’s hard not to get ‘the hump’ when a 3 week certificate-trained ‘health coach’ steps onto your turf.

Bewitched get off my yard!

Your butt-hurt degree qualified-self screams (internally -if you’re British).

But how about if we didn’t. What if we took another angle by addressing facts and finding solutions.


  • Those awakening souls called to be healers without 4.5 years spare and 50k in the bank will still follow that call.
  • Those brave and brilliant people seeking empowerment through know-how to take care of themselves and their family will do the weekend workshops. 
  • Those that see through the rat race and have found peace via their own journey to health will understand their condition inside out and are absolutely entitled to help many others for $300 a pop.
Here’s the deal. People attract people that can help them. That journey is unique and personal.
Although one may be classically unqualified and non-accredited in the eyes of the university degree slogger. The 3 week print out certified herbalists and 3-month nutrition coach has something brilliant to offer their clients, that you don’t. Maybe it’s their story, their life experience or just their presence.  Truth is we just don’t know.

So lets have a little faith and a little grace.

..and remember there is always that freak wizard. The completely self-taught excellent practitioner. The one that heals the incurables without any training whatsoever! Although few and far between and very unaccessible. Unless you find yourself wandering around with opium smoking Thai jungle tribe. Hmm Story for another time. 


Back to having faith..

Forgive me whilst I may sound like a new-age deceptive bullshit generator. But it fascinates me that the term ‘qualified’ could actually become redundant. If conventional and naturopathic medicine curriculums don’t catch up with consciousness techniques. Then curative medicine (aka tools to self-heal). Will openly be administered only by ‘scientifically unqualified’ healers. For instance the quantum field of bio-resonant frequencies, the power of belief and the electro magnetic field of the heart. There’s a whole lot of clinical practice evidence right there with or without faith. 

Hit with dis-ease, I know that non-curricular founded cures would dominate my treatment plan. I aint talking ayahuasca. Hear my qualms with that on this blog.

University degrees give a great foundation but nothing is learnt until you hit clinical practice. After uni I realised the more you know the less you know. Give it a few more years to develop intuition and psychic abilities, then humility overrides. We ungracefully fall off the very limited scientific medical horse, discern the unicorns and keep on keeping on. 

Here’s 3 tips to work alongside EVERYBODY in natural healthcare:

  1. Know your self-worth.

In the natural health industry, the only competition is with yourself. This because every practitioner is unique and wonderful in their own right and there are plenty of patients/clients to go around. The more practitioners and coaches and holistic doctors the better. But this is real life and in real life people get trrriiiggggered. It’s good to be triggered regularly – if you are aware of it and can own it. It’s the precursor to integrating more of yourself. For instance ask yourself, what part of you is being triggered by this person. Address that kindly and move the f -on. Confused by this? Grab a Naturo therapist for support.

2. Be resourceful. Work together in your community

Introduce yourself, genuinely get to know others skill sets and areas of expertise. Offer to give advise and gain advice on different areas of specialty. If you get along run a workshop together. Why not collaborate with someone fresh, a newbie on the scene enthused to set up an event to work together on community workshops. In other words, unite! 

3. Know your audience and market yourself correctly

Do what you love and become the community expert in it. Then make it clear to allied community health professionals and your target audience that you are available for them. This ‘aint about you, it’s about the people that you are here to help. Keep that in mind if you ever feel silly about marketing yourself and blowing your own trumpet. Big up yourself! Or let me do it for you; with our RN  cleanse program and 9 week community health program where we offer branding for social media and GP surgery posters. 

If you are ready to stand tall in the holistic healthcare industry. If you believe your years of study and clinical experience have earned you a place at the roundtable of qual-i-fied authentic wholistic health practitioners. Then go Naturo Pro. A directory for the real wholistic deals. If you’re a non qualified wizard or an embodiment practitioner. Join our community and enquire about being an ambassador. The world abso-freakin-lutely needs you too.  

We are here to learn, evolve and  discover. For a safe place to do this. Go Real NaturoPro

Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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