How great is it to step into a yoga class and the teacher is owning it! As in NOT on repeat, they are unique in their style, words and flow!! What if everybody was like this?

Our voice is one of our most revealing personal assets. It reveals social class, education, manner, attitude, judgement and intelligence to name a few qualities. When you think of these things -speaking to anyone is scary enough, never mind roaring through a megaphone as a health mentor! Finding your soul voice is as much a part of a health journey as doing physical exercise and eating nutritious food. At least in my opinion it needs this much attention.

When we talk about our own voice it’s not really our own voice. Conditioning goes so incredibly deep that we will always hold on to phases, intonation and dialects from family and secondary socialisation.  These things can disappear for a while then they come back. It’s interesting to observe the spiritual path where people often lose their dialects to ‘find themselves’. Most health coaches are empaths. Empaths can take on language easily and chameleon into a very non authentic version of themselves on their road to authenticity. Life’s crazy paradox.

Here are some tips to finding your own voice:

  1. Speak with lots of different people on many subjects. Have a multitude of dialogues to keep your language fresh. Struggling to find interesting people check out our activity directory.
  2. Step out of your voice comfort zone by speaking up or even singing. How do you know who you are unless you have challenged yourself. Enter a debate, do spoken word or go to a therapy where you are asked to talk. 
  3. Read a variety of books or listen to audio to vary your vocabulary outside of spiritual bleh.. You will find yourself automatically using different vocabulary and sentence structure. Check this out for a laugh and to see how manipulative sentence structure can be
  4. Sing mantras or taoist sounds often to improve your voice tone.
  5. Journal your thoughts. Write ‘how do I feel’ and ‘what do I need’. By knowing how you feel, you can find out what you need. Only by fulfilling your needs can you let go of the desire for your unique voice to be liked, or feel important from external stimuli, or to fit in to societies mould. Once you fulfil your needs you stop caring what others think and then true voice naturally comes through.
  6. Watch videos of yourself or read your work over and over again to see yourself. Don’t critique but OBSERVE.
  7. If you didn’t say it before your “spirit journey” began, ditch it. Please! It will sound phony as hell.
  8. Keep doing The Work  and hang out with a conscious community for ultimate growth. This is a key component. People reflect people, everybody you meet is holding a mirror in some way. So chose conscious people to hang out with and you will find your voice much more quickly. Or hang out with more unconsciously aware people and be tested greatly for just how genuine you really are. 

Meet people through our Directory of conscious activities in your area

Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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