In 2004, at 18 years old, I was a naive student paediatric nurse with ambitious dreams of working in Africa. I mentioned this at a social gathering and somebody shouted, “don’t you know charity starts at home”.

I shrugged them off. Back then I couldn’t comprehend what they meant but the remark quietly gnawed away at me through my naturopathic training, hospital experience and clinics. My ambitions, drawn through rose tinted glasses, have since been shattered and replaced with mad Max style well worn goggles. My dream has evolved into a mission. The mission has been an adventure. Taking me from massaging rockstars to a natural medicine clinic in Ibiza, to refugee outreach, to online services and community programs. Today I aspire to train foster care givers in holistic practices, for children in need. Another step in community health.

After spending 10 years overseas I found myself back in the UK in 2019 staring at a piece of paper.

Other than a trip to Indonesia at the very beginning of lockdown I didn’t really experience lockdown like most of you. This is because I already put myself under lockdown in November ’19- June ’20 in the Yorkshire hills for six months, to create the forums and community program.  

What does home mean?

16 years after the comment landed on my shoulders. I began to understand that charity does start at home.

Home being; our country, our community, our family, and most importantly our body.

What does charity mean?

In the dictionary charity means; “providing money for those in need”. 

In the bible charity means: “the highest form of love, signifying the reciprocal love between God and man that is made manifest in unselfish love of one’s fellow men”

In the Buddhist text the buddha describes charity as “selfless love”. The Buddha describes this kind of love as compassion. And selfless compassionate acts are the quickest way to enlightenment according to my Qigong practicing friends. 

I much prefer the holy depictions of charity. Or selfless service as this involves time and energy. Therefore just about anybody can offer this on a large or small scale. I believe that our collective morals and values are being reassessed in 2020. With this shift selfless service to others is important.

During hard times there is a process of acceptance. Being of service to others is a gentle way to go through the motions below:

At a cross roads I have always turned to voluntary work with a brilliant organisation called workaway. I talk more about that in my personal video blog

I study global patterns and disease trends. Lockdown may have been lifted where you are but according to my observations we ‘aint seen nothing yet! Moving into 2020 is a process in itself. We are navigating new seas. Lockdown has been the calm before the storm, next comes the storm and then a clearing and 2020 vision. This may take a while for murky waters to clear.

  • So jump on board, participate instead of escaping, by staying present (not current to the tele-vision programming). Collect and stock needed supplies like food and water.
  • Establish your lifeline – this is your community. Have you surrounded yourself with a supportive and practical network?
  • Know that your life jacket is your your body. How safe do you feel in your body? Are you self reliant? Empowered? Check out the RN-Cleanse for more info on self empowerment tools. Also forums for a wealth of information on how to navigate stormy times. 

Taking selfless service above and beyond: fostering children

Due to the current world situation there are even more children than usual that need fostering. If you have acquired the skills above and you have a safe haven, then maybe you are in a position to consider becoming a foster carer?

Maybe you have kids and can offer your time and energy into providing love for one more. The increase demand for foster homes has meant that vulnerable children fall into abusive homes.

Be the reason that doesn’t happen! 

Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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