Death conversations are happening. That moment before something beautiful is birthed is normally preceded by ‘oh fark’ moments. And there is no greater ‘oh fark’ than the notion of death. I believe that this is what we are collectively experiencing.

To explore death you must first know who you are.. A multidimensional spirit freaking out in a human body, controlled by emotions that are being programmed by everything you choose to see hear and do. Wooooooo woooooooo 🙂

E-motions are energy in motion, except for when they are not. They become stuck, this is why we must move more. Breathe more. To stay unstuck in connected in constant flow state. YOUR OWN FLOW STATE. See RN cleanse more info. Or my video on healthy grieving at the bottom of this page.

Last month an Earthquake triggered my fear of death

I don’t know about you guys but I have recently been contemplating my own death and it has been an interesting ride. A little brutal at times and a somewhat devious too. The physical trigger was an earthquake in Indonesia in March 2020. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, crowning down on our consciousness to new ways. Anyhow I was shook! Literally and emotionally. I made this Naturo Talk around that time. It doesn’t get much more real than this…


I didn’t think I feared death as I have been around it for many years working in palliative care for the dying. I have seen many people die. I’ve even helped people to pass over using holistic practices. So why did I go into fear?

I figured that full embodiment of life requires acceptance of death and this is a process. I needed to perceive my physical death, to awaken to all of life.

I have had an actual NDE (near death experience) So why was I going through these e-motions again? The NDE helped me to see the evil that is playing this world. Plus the evil in me. Break free of some genetically encoded hexes, familial karma yada yada. Past life sheeeet and break though self imposed limiting patterns in order to heal, to feel to actually allow evil to live. To accept duality and my humanness.

I used every healing skill, tantric and qigong practice I’ve ever learnt to ground.. I isolated myself other than my teachers because my psychic abilities were on fire. The noise was too much.

I mention this now because many people can benefit from the lessons I learnt.  Tis just a story. I collated evidence from my experience, including mega dose nutrient therapy, real naturo medicines that ACTUALLY work in practice and the very necessary naturo-therapy.  All protocols are available to practitioners in the forums.

I am present, I am here in the now, awaiting, transcending the next adventure and actively creating THE NEW STORY.

I feel we are collectively grieving. Either physical death of a loved one or death of a part of ourselves. TOGETHER. The more people that are aware and can grieve consciously the easier the becoming will become. More of our divinity will be remembered and utilised.

I feel that death through blood borne diseases is coming hard. I feel mental health and insanity is going to affect many people in the next months to two years.. the upgrade in radiation- terahertz are not gonna tickle! This is the awakening journey back to true self.

Insanity is not losing your mind, insanity is losing your connection to source. Most people today are insane and their ignorance will be bliss. For a while. Some of those will chose the multidimensional path, others will chose the tech path and both are ok. Both are necessary. So what do WE do as practitioners? We create the way.

Prevention is better than cure

The call for holistic practitioners has never been greater. Having said that we could all just kick back and do nothing and life works itself out anyway. But WHERE IS THE FUN in that!

 For those who are awake and see the evil in the world collapsing. Do you want to lead, to build a new way? If so. LET US HELP YOU SHINE ONLINE SIGN UP TODAY.

Don’t fear death, learn to grieve, learn to breathe and lucid dream. I dedicate a huge part of the real naturo forums to both of these.

Healthy Grieving protocol and video 

Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

Founder of Real Naturo. Naturopath. Yoga Therapist

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