Rise and shine it’s world divide time. Here is a great video on backing the truth as I understand it, today… 😉

Someone commented on this video:

“at the end of the day you would have to have both sides in the room together to hear the counter-arguments”.

The choice of words intrigued me, (aside from the fact that we create reality with our word). We live in duality where there is light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil.

I am observing people listening but unable to actually hear each other. I believe this is because it needs to happen internally first. We must see and accept our own polarities. To be able to see ourselves in another. The good, bad and f-ugly or evil. This is waking up and we are all at different levels. It is a painful task without the real education, support and skill set.

So the day when we can hear each other WILL quite possibly be ‘the end of the day’ 🙂

Let the game play out.. don’t get caught in the web. As comedian Bill Hicks said, “enjoy the ride”.

Go and live your life In JOY, en-joy, whichever path you choose.
Multidimensional or technological.

I made a video on Feb 14th on this charade, nothing has changed since then, This is as much as I will say as energy flows where attention goes. Stay fresh, keep it real.

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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

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