A Naturopath, a doctor, a herbalist and a nutritionist show up at a party. The nutritionist brought elder flower cordial, the herby brought elder berry fruit salad. The naturopath brought sambucca! Guess who brought corona…

Alrighty, jokes over, lets get real

As we enter a new world we must change what we can, and accept what we can not. This Moto greatly applies to the now- effects of the lies and deceptions that are breaking apart. As holistic health professionals who have done the work. It is my hope and prayer that you are awake to much more than than the average person. If not maybe a good parasite cleanse  and naturo therapy session is in order ;).

Numbing strategies to keep humanity complacent have been orchestrated mainly by toxins. Of which I believe will be triggered. Check out:The real trigger and possibly the cause of coronavirus  https://fourfoldhealing.com/blogs/news/massive-predicted-effects-of-5g

The ultimate collective psycho-emotional spiritual cleanse is in action. 

We are in a transition period. 5G will inevitably create advancements in human health and happiness but first the boat is rocked as our fulcrums adjust. As leaders in holistic community healthcare we must stay forward thinking to prepare. When people are in isolation, we may be told that there is more demand for electronics and a need for 5G towers on every doorstep. It is highly probable that 5G towers will go into schools whilst kids are at home causing a huge rise in dise-ease. So how do we prepare? 

What can we do?

1. We can upgrade our own electromagnetic field by removing the gunk and practicing presence. Gunk being; toxic thoughts, people, food, drink. Heal the gut, remove toxins by processing any unmet grief and erm taking alllll of our own advice that we give to clients. ALL of it!  Don’t already have a presence practice, join the real-talk.online forum and you will soon find your local qigong or yoga expert. 

2. We can take anti-mutagenic herbs in high potency, the easiest method is essential oils – rosemary, yarrow, pine. Keep an alkaline body, a mucous free diet and have coffee enemas on hand to boost glutathione. Plus skin brushing for lymphatic circulation.

3. We can quietly educate. We must be sensible. Educate without panic or fear. If you are feeling the panic or fear then you are not ready to educate, work on yourself to process this. Use a Naturo Therapist. I see this a lot in community medicine and refugee missions. Doctors and nurses who martyr themselves from a sense of collective guilt, escapism at its best! They end up burning out. To be a lighthouse you must learn stillness and go through the darkness. Let presence practices be your tool to transform emotions.

4. We can get creatively smart. Take into account a predicted increase in censorship. What can you talk about? Who are your clients and what do they need from you? Within the context of your usual subject or program, how can you creatively give solutions. YOU ARE UNIQUE and you attract the clients that you can help.

5. We can cleanse the toxins from the blood using traditional naturopathy, hot and cold water therapy, castor oil packs, bio-resonance machines and breath-work.

6. Learn to breath correctly and include it in your practice. Find your local presence practitioner and share their videos. There is a breath work summit starting today! Wahoo This may be so overwhelming to some that they refuse to hear it. That is ok. Wherever you are at that is ok.  Truth takes a process to grasp. This is a transient period. I am here to support you with a platform for communication for real naturo talk and a directory for you to shine online.

7. We can use The Naturo Method– this is a team approach for heart centred healthcare. The naturo method is delivered online and in on retreat. It is a combination of naturo medicine traditional naturopathy (herbs and diet and lifestyle) with presence practices (qigong or yoga that has a lineage -very important) and Naturo therapy (breath work, sound and somatic psychotherapy to release hereditary psychic and emotional trauma held in the body). 

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Chloé Silverman

Chloé Silverman

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